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What I Think Of You - Kibi Style :-)


Babeasaurus Sex
So I know I'm a massive copycatFACE but I'm bored at work and have time to...so Post in here and I'll tell you what I think of you :)


You probably don't know me well since I've hardly been here at all, but go ahead, at least it will give you something to do at work.


Babeasaurus Sex
You probably don't know me well since I've hardly been here at all, but go ahead, at least it will give you something to do at work.
No it's true you haven't been here that long but actually you made a pretty good splash with posting and topics.

I spent quite a while trying to work out what I thought about you before settling on "You're pretty cool." There were times when you posted something and I did a bit of a mental flinch. I guess you can be quite abrasive at times BUT I also think that you just get passionate when you feel attacked or overlooked.

You've been nothing but polite and friendly to me and so for that I think your a pretty good new member :)
Amy amy amy!

I remember having a conversation with Danny and Idi about how I thought you and Lauren HATED my FACE! lol!

I ALWAYS wanted to be "in" with you Pam and Lauren cos, well, I loved how honest and blunt you all were.

In the last 6 months, not only can I quite happily say I've been privvy to the BEST of you but I can also say I've watched you battle through your hard times. Though I know I don't know half the story I care so much that you're happy and listening to you talk about Justing makes my heart swell. You're AMYazing!

I count on you as one of my closest and most treasured friends. You're fierce passion for what is just and right astounds me - even if sometimes it means you cross the line (though we all try and make you aware when you do - and you accept it with Grace and dignity)

You're beautiful, Funny, Charming, Soft and astoundingly sharp.

I love you a lot.
Yeah, all right - Gimme the stuff.

You know what - your random thought processes (er...I mean threads ;) ) Crack me up!

You've got a good balance of high activity - low annoyance and to be honest thats something new people (including me) can have a trouble with.

I'd really like to chat to you more. :)

Also you have awesome taste in tv characters and actors!
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Me if you know enough about me. ^____^


Babeasaurus Sex
Me if you know enough about me. ^____^
I do not know a lot about you...but from what I have seen you appear to be a good poster, if a bit sporadic in your showing up here ;)

I enjoy reading what you have to say. I also think it's lovely that after your time away people still a)remember you and b) love having you back. That speaks more than a thousand words about your character.

Also I know I don't post in there often (if at all) but I love the gaming section and read it all the time and to be honest I agree with a lot of your viewpoints :)


Babeasaurus Sex
You probably don't know enough about me to make a serious one on me, but what's your first impression?
Well, you like suicide girlswhich is winning in itself.

You have had some really good input into a lot of the more personal discussions which is nice to see - especially when none of it comes across as attention seeking or overshare.

I think it's great to see new members really getting involved and I love the fact that so many more newbies (Bubbles (who is not so new now I guess) you, dabs etc) are coming in strong and fighting. :) Not only being fun and friendly but also leaving their mark.

in before the lock.
Oh ellypants.

You sometimes make me slap my forehead in despair but for the most part I think you're wonderful.

You have a wicked sense of humour and although you're sometimes a tad quick to judgement it's a fact that you are always able to back down when you know you're wrong or fight when you believe you're right.

You're strong, beautiful and you know it - not in a bad way. Your confidence is a delight.

XxX Massive hugs bitchFACE!
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