What I get for expecting a free Madonna song to be any good


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So there is a free Madonna song on MSN for 7 days...

Live Earth on MSN: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis

And like a sucker I figured why not download it. Some of her older stuff was decent so I thought maybe there was a chance this would be decent.

Within the first few seconds I knew I was going to hate the song. Shortly into it I knew for sure that I definitely DID hate the song.

After just a few more seconds it was deleted from my computer completely with SHIFT+DELETE.

So yeah. Free Madonna song for all you Madonna fans. Enjoy! Hope I didn't sour your expectations! :D
I really loved Madonna, back in the late 80's-early 90's. I wasn't fond of her when she first came out, but there was a period of time when she really seemed to mature as an artist; when she stepped out of the gimmicky lace underwear 80's and became a serious songstress. Unfortunately, she began to age and felt the need to show skin and create controversy, just so she could stay on top as an artist. Lately, she's rehashing a lot of sounds, loosing her cool and this whole environmental thing? She needs to leave it to the likes of Bob Geldoff, Sting and dare I even say Bono, who end up making it more about the cause and less about them.


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yeah i downloaded that. then i ripped my ears off and shoved them down a drain pipe.

and this ladies and gentlemen is why i am on forums. no hearing involved.