What I found out about being a VIP Member.


Gay As Fuck
Well, here are the following:

  • There are less ad pop-ups when you're browsing the forums
  • You can see your posting status on your main GF profile
  • Barb, Bryan, Hoes and Hybrix are awesome to webcam drink and chat with
  • I never though I would see the dayu drinking online with a fellow GF member, even through web cak mode.
  • NEver though you could start stripping your clothes off when drunk chatting with fellow members, but it'll happen....but I'm not complaining one bit ;)
  • Sui can hang with the best of them
  • Echoes loves to stop and stare on conversations, yet still be abvailable to talk to
  • Hybrix needs a webcam
  • Chaos is underage, but still coruptable
  • More users need ot log on and become VIPs

I'm kinda drink when typing this, please excuse.
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