what i do at my job.


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I cut things like these all day

and these

using these

Before I cut them, they look like this

and before they have holes and lines to follow, they come offa moulds that look like this

and this

aren't i cool? Doesn't that look like a cool job?

Sure, there are ways to have fun on the job....

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we clean up the dust all the time, and it's ventilated. Also we don't really have anything that makes sparks there.


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WTF are those things for that you make? And do you use hardening agents in your resins? I used to work for a composite company operating a winding machine and the fucking resin was so toxic with the hardening agent mixed in.


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Thankfully, I don't work with the resin itself, except in small amounts when patching cracks in parts or something. I just cut the parts. Those are bus parts. Wheel wells. inner and outer.
When you're next at work, I want you to jump on and press that big red dome in the last pic. If it's a button (you never know), imagine the possibilities of what could happen.