what having no GF drove me to do.


Lion Rampant
Don't you love that Danny will do whatever it takes to hold on to that beer bottle in the last vid. He even holds it in his mouth! lolol
It is vintage Smel. I told him in fb chat that he made it look like he always has a beer with him when he works. He goes, "I can do the same thing with a rum and Coke." :rofl:
I hope it's of you eating a daddy long legs?? :nod:
No, a live vertebrate.
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Lion Rampant
lmao Ian

Why the fuck was it jumping? That is so wrong, that is really wrong. For real.
I know, right? Yesterday I saw a spider that thought it was a frog, today I saw a lizard that thought it was a snake AND a dragonfly that thought it was a helicopter AND a helicopter that thought it was a dragonfly. I don't know what the fuck, but whatever's going on is crazy nuts.

Speaking of:

YouTube - Why are you eating that live lizard??