What have you just purchased?

Tell us what you bought very recently --
Perhaps whilst you were on GF you went to another site and bought some stuff -
Tell us about it...
What it is
What it cost
Whether you reckon it was a waste of money in hindsight, or whether you think it's awesome and can't wait for it to arrive-

I just bought from Amazon:
Three comics - All from the Constantine: Hellblazer series, can't wait - they are bloody great.
TV boxset of Game of Thrones, I don't know if I'll like it, but there's so much buzz I wanna see what it's all about
My Own Worst Enemy, or summet - some TV series with Christian Slater - he's a good actor, and the box cover looked good so I put it in the basket

And I pre-ordered GTA 5 - Cannot wait for that, it's gonna be great -


Keep updating if you buy anything else - from anywhere - can be anything -
From the PSN store...

I bought Mass Effect. I figured I should probably play the entire series, even if a little out of order. Plus, if it's anything like the other two, I couldn't pass up the 30+ trophies.

From Amazon...

I bought The Big Bang Theory, seasons 2 & 3. I finally gave it a chance and I'm really enjoying it. I've been knocking out a season every two or three days.


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From JB Hi-Fi.

Got a new Acer laptop after my old one broke down, it was cheap and it's actually really good!


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I bought groceries, does that count? I won't have any money until next month when I get my school money and then I plan on buying parts to build a new pc, buy the new Blackberry Q10 and a Nook HD to replace my ailing Nook Tablet.


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Most recent non-grocery item I bought was a couple of games at the Steam Summer Sale. I got Just Cause 1 and 2 and Civ 5. I paid around $20 for them both.
You can tell us about groceries if you wish - it's up to you -

I just bought a couple of films, both cheap and cheerful, well not so much cheerful -
The Grudge


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a new AC for my car! purchased last friday for $400. It was so worth it. though, it sucks down the gas. jesus. But i'm kinda going crazy over it. It's so nice to get to work and feel nice and not covered in sweat.


I bought heat and pressure bandages for both of my wrists as they get really sore when I do a lot of Uni work for a long time.


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Hmmm, quite a few things actually. I pre-ordered GTA 5 and WWE 2K14 earlier today. I got my The Killing Joke and Walking Dead comics today, but I ordered those a couple of weeks ago; not sure if those count.

I also swung by Downtown Vancouver and picked up a few pairs of jeans from H&M, a biker jacket from Jacobs Connections, a handbag and pair of shoes from Aldo's.