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What have been pinicle cards?

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What have been pinicle cards. what i mean is At that time when the card came out did it really shake the foundation of the game? here are 10 i can think of

Rageki:Legend of Blue eyes the pinicle card able to kill all oppenets monsters rocks the game's foundation a card powerful enough to never comeback in advanced play.
Monster Reborn: The ability to resummon any monster your's or your oppenents owned the game to the point of possible peremant banning.
Blue eyes White Dragon:Legend of blue eyes The most powerful monster in this set and started the chain of wanting power.
Summoned Skull:Metal raiders The First one tribute monster with 2500 attack killing red eyes black dragon and almost any other monster for a long time and stood tall through the first formats as the staple beat down monster.
Goblin Attack Force:pharaoh's Servant The first level 4 monster with enormous attack although his effect made him a one turn shot was sitll a pinicle card
Jinzo: Pharaoh's Servant one of the most powerful cards levle 6 2400 attack and negates traps a card so powerful it has servived the test of time and lasted in it's place to be it's own in this format.
Call of the haunted:pharoh's Servant an Awesome trap that allows revival of monsters faster then monster reborn or premature burial helped greatly and has survive to this day
Nobleman of Crossout:pharoh's Servant an awesome spell able to remove monsters from play that were face down and able to kill magician of faith and many others helped greatly at the time and even now.
Kycoo the Ghost Destroier:Labyrinth of Nightmare a great card 1800 bieng the standard with a powerful effectthat removed cards from play now monsters keeping call of the haunted monster reborn and premature powerless to take beatdown mosnters back helped greatly at the time and can sitll be used now.
Gemini Elf:Labyrinth of Nightmare A mosnter that stunned the game no effect at 1900 was also noted there was a copy of this monster in almost every deck at the reginals of that year sadly it has not been able to survive the tides of this game unless used in a spell caster deck.

Reply with cards you think are great i know i didn't post alot of cards do not make notes on that just puts what cards you thought shook this game at the time or even now and please tell what set.^^ thank you


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Cards that are great are all on the banned list. Pot of greed, rigaki, fiber jar, the envoys, and things like that.

p.s stop being mad at me n unblock me.