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What happens with Christian?


Better Call Saul
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So by now everybody knows Christian won the World title and lost it "5 days" later to Randy Orton on Smackdown. So what does this mean?

If you saw the show you saw WWE show Christian after the match. How often does that happen? The guy who lost the belt is the last one shown on television? He was obviously upset and the fans gave him a nice hand. I think this loss means bigger and better things for Christian. I, like most people, was upset they'd take the belt off of him so soon but I think there'e a plan in place. He's not done chasing the World title.

I am very interested to see what they do with him.


Living in Ikoria
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I definitely agree that he's not done chasing the title.

My biggest hope is that this means the following:

-A quick heel turn for Christian...if not on Friday, then at Over the Limit.

-Regaining the title at Over the Limit through heel tactics, followed by a longer reign!

Christian's going to be in the main event now, and will pursue the title, but when he'll get another run with it is a question that I just can't answer with full certainty at this point.

I'm half convinced that what I want with the heel turn and title win will happen, and half convinced that he'll get passed up by Vince yet again. This just needs to be an elaborate way to get him into being a heel champion.


Sultan of Swat
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On TV you saw Christian last, but after it went off air Randy Orton came back and said "I'm the Champion now" Orton got a huge pop after winning the title, but a little part of me is saying that he's going to turn heel. Usually when wrestlers grow facial hair it's a sign that there heels.

Christian will definitely remain in the Main Event scene, I'm a little disappointed that he lost the title. He definitely deserves better then that. He'll probably take on Orton at Over the Limit. If healthy, I believe he'll win the title again in 2011.

I think Vince should of put his ego aside on this one and let Christian have a longer run.


Living in Ikoria
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Great read, Millz...thanks a lot for posting it.

Besides his good analysis of the match itself that happened (crowd into it, near-falls, stayed in the ring, 4 out of 5 star rating), this stuck out to me:

After I saw the quality of the Orton-Christian match on Smackdown it made me want to see more of them. Imagine a title match feud that culminated in Christian getting the belt back, as a heel, at Summerslam? I don't know if WWE can book a storyline that long anymore since they love to rush things, but we'd likely be talking about the feud of the year.
If losing the belt means a heel turn and the above, I'd be all about it. Too bad the WWE doesn't know how to do a drawn out feud anymore, unless it involves John Cena.

Also cool to read this part:

I think it's okay to be mad that Christian lost the belt after just two days. There's nothing wrong with that. People are pissed off. They are passionate wrestling fans that wanted to see a guy achieve his dream and have a long run with at title that he went after for over a decade. They wanted to see him have a longer run. I did too. To those people I say try to look at this from a storyline perspective because this could be the start of something big. If the story is dropped fast then I'll be mad too. I don't think it will be too. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm optimistic.
I've had similar thoughts since it's happened...I'm mad, but I also have somewhat of a feeling that it could lead to bigger things for Christian. He could go from a face that has trouble standing out with Orton in the picture to the top heel on the entire show...I mean what if it leads to a reign situation like Edge had? (just comparing the situations, not E&C again, lol)...the La Familia title reign and some of his others as a heel on SD were long and really entertaining.
but a little part of me is saying that he's going to turn heel. Usually when wrestlers grow facial hair it's a sign that there heels.

I think Vince should of put his ego aside on this one and let Christian have a longer run.
1st point - we're past the era of White Cowboy Hat = good guy, Black Hat = bad guy. I mean If we're going to go by facial hair I could start rattling off a giant list of babyfaces with facial hair (or ones that have grown it during their time as a babyface). lol.

2nd point - if this is about Vince's inability to recognize Christian's talent, then I totally agree. Here's hoping it just means Christian's going in a bigger, new direction.

The only thing that nags at me, though, is that if it did mean a heel turn why would have to lose the belt to do that? Couldn't he have gotten desperate with Orton and cheated to win? When AJ Styles was first paired with Ric Flair, he was a face and - at Flair's advice - used the title to hit Kurt Angle and retain. This led to a year-long heel run, and a great one at that (IMO). Why not do it that way?
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Haters gonna hate.
I see Christian facing Orton in some extent at OtL, but going back to the upper mid-card for a while. I see Sheamus/Orton happening again.

I think the marks just need to stop complaining now.


Where is my Queen?
I agree with The Biz, I can see Orton turning heel again soon. I don't see Christian turning, but who knows. I can see Christian turning heel this week and beating Orton at Over the Limit. I hope this does happen but it won't.