What happens when Chaos is drunk...

Chaos: Steve, I'd go with whatever you say after the love you give..
Chaos: LOL!!!!!!!!1
Chaos: wtf...
Chaos: xD
phoenix314 dies of laughter
Chaos drinks muir beer
phoenix314 I should totally be screenshotting this
Chaos: I can't believe this is my first GF drunkenness
phoenix314 haha
phoenix314 Scooob!!!!!!!
phoenix314 how's the tooth?
icegoat63 joined the room.
icegoat63: I r full
phoenix314 ICE!!!
phoenix314 welcome back
Chaos: That PRICK
phoenix314 :]
icegoat63: danke, danke
phoenix314 damn, chaos
icegoat63: and why is ths? did he drink your lager?
Chaos: fgtfgvbwerfbWD/BEFLJK wefkj
phoenix314 hahaha
Chaos: No, worse, he deleted my damn music
Chaos: FUCK
icegoat63: hahaha
Chaos: Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!!!!
icegoat63: Grandpa 1....Chaos 0
phoenix314 ouchies XD
Chaos: More like grandpa 1 Chaos many many
ScubaSteve: ok, done
Chaos: I eat his sausage rolls and stuff
icegoat63: Ex-Dee
Chaos: Lol
phoenix314 how're you feeling?
icegoat63: mmmm sausage FTW
Chaos: Scoobs penis makes me agree with anything
icegoat63: meaning I love stuffing my face with sausage
phoenix314 Screen......Shot.....!!!!!!!
Chaos: LOL
icegoat63: lol
ScubaSteve: haha
Chaos laughs in hysterical drunkenness
phoenix314 haha
ScubaSteve: know whats shocking/
phoenix314 no problem
ScubaSteve: ...i'm sober.
Chaos left the room. (Logged out)
phoenix314 holy crap
Chaos joined the room.
Chaos: WTf :S
phoenix314 dude, stop crapping up your computer with porn.
Chaos: No porn for me
icegoat63 left the room. (logged out) NOT!
Chaos: At least, saved pron
phoenix314 liez
icegoat63: hahaha
phoenix314 you have pornz
Chaos: I can't save music on here, let alone pron
icegoat63: Flash drive!
Chaos: porn*
ScubaSteve: mmm porn music
Chaos: Bah, fuck it
Chaos: porn sucks anyway, not realistic or anything lol
icegoat63: thats why porn is porn
icegoat63: if it were realistic it would be sex
icegoat63: hahahha
ScubaSteve: heh
Chaos: 'cos guys really have 12 inch dicks and women have pussys (sorry) like fucking cave mouths
Chaos: Lol
ScubaSteve: i like kittys
icegoat63: hmmm maybe only over there...
icegoat63: its like that here
Chaos: Although, Scoobs penis rocks
Chaos: LOL
ScubaSteve: GOD DAMNIT
ScubaSteve: why do we ALWAYS have to talk about my penis?
phoenix314 SCREEN...SHOT
Chaos: 'Cos its awesome?
Chaos: xD
ScubaSteve: did you know it has a nickname?
Chaos: Shaggy?
ScubaSteve: The Thundercock
icegoat63: your nickname is "my Penis"
icegoat63: lmao
ScubaSteve: "It's simply electrifying."
Chaos: Shaggy and Scooby doo
Chaos: It makes more sense
Chaos: :))
ScubaSteve: mine is better
ScubaSteve: because its punny
Chaos: Nuh uh
Chaos: Mines more witty
Chaos: (my name, not my penis_)
ScubaSteve: ..whats not witty about comparing "thunder" to being "electrifying"
icegoat63: yours is rather flacid
icegoat63: the smoke thats left over?
Chaos: Damn you...
icegoat63: hahaha
ScubaSteve: damn my tooth hurts
ScubaSteve: ish
Chaos: But Scooby Doo = Shaggy
Chaos: It makes sense.
ScubaSteve: too bad my name has nothing to do with scooby do
icegoat63: Scooby = Scooby Snack
ScubaSteve: they just type it as "scoob" because it makes more sense than "scub"
Chaos: Lol, the Snack
icegoat63: I wipe my own ass
ScubaSteve: since i don't want to rhyme with a bathatub
Chaos: The only thing I ever called my penis was Gizmo.
Chaos: Made sense at the time.
Chaos shrugs
ScubaSteve: heh, bathatub
icegoat63 is rolling on the floor at Gizmo.... he's so cute
ScubaSteve: best typo ever
Chaos: EWWWW Ice
icegoat63: HAHAHAHA
icegoat63: the Gremlin
Chaos: No-one has ever called my penis Cute before - nor shall they
Chaos: :))
ScubaSteve: gizmo is so tiny
icegoat63: not your penis... Im sure the resemblances vary
Chaos: Gizmo is NOT tiny, thank you very much
Chaos: DUDES! I need to pee.
Chaos: BRB!
icegoat63: gizmo looks more like a guinea pig... where you probably look like a sea creature out of its shell
icegoat63: hahaha nice
icegoat63 does the rocky steps celebration
Chaos: Ahahhahhahaha I need tp pee
Chaos: brbr!
ScubaSteve: i think i just shat my pants
phoenix314 orly?
ScubaSteve: it sure smells like it
phoenix314 shat=funniest word ever
ScubaSteve: nah
ScubaSteve: "poop"
ScubaSteve: say it out loud
icegoat63: nice
icegoat63: shart yourself?
ScubaSteve: you can't help but laugh
phoenix314 no
phoenix314 shat
phoenix314 always makes me laugh
phoenix314 poop is pretty funny too, though
ScubaSteve: heh
Chaos: Back :D
Chaos: shat-bag
icegoat63 zips up his pants
Chaos: LOL
Chaos slaps away Ice's hand
icegoat63: lmao!
ScubaSteve: oh god i just did it again
icegoat63: not yours
ScubaSteve: my poor asshole
icegoat63: HAHAHAHA
Chaos: LOL
ScubaSteve gags
phoenix314 SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!
phoenix314 goddamn
phoenix314 you guys are on a role tonight
ScubaSteve: speaking of lesbians, where's hime?
Chaos: 4:33 icegoat63 zips up his pants
icegoat63: God didnt dam it.... the beavers did
phoenix314 asleep
Chaos: my poor asshole
Chaos: LOL!!!
ScubaSteve: ah
phoenix314 and we weren't speaking of lesbians
ScubaSteve: i know
phoenix314 haha
ScubaSteve: that's why it was funny
phoenix314 XD
Chaos: I like the combo of Ice "zips up his pants" and Steves "My poor asshole"
phoenix314 fuck the screenshots
Chaos: LMAO
icegoat63: hahaha
icegoat63: nice
phoenix314 I"m going to just post this whole damn conversation
Chaos: LMAO!!!!!!
ScubaSteve: you need to post what you have of the sirov one
Chaos: love you guys :p
icegoat63: a guy must really be sure of his sexuality in this chatroom
icegoat63: lol
phoenix314 haha
ScubaSteve: he hasn't been back since i verbally raped him up his earhole
Chaos: LOL!
phoenix314 a girl should be, too
Chaos: Shweet
phoenix314 it helps, at least
icegoat63: lmao, verbally raped his earhole
icegoat63: thats awesome
ScubaSteve: we all share something in common here
ScubaSteve: we have the same taste in gender :)
icegoat63: Im itching for something to stick in my
icegoat63: sig
phoenix314 haha
Chaos: I'm too jolly to post anything lol, so I'm just staying in here :))
Chaos: Heres to you fuckers
Chaos downs the rest of his can
phoenix314 thank you, thank you
ScubaSteve: i want a beers
ScubaSteve: and by a beers i mean 10-12
Chaos burps
Chaos: Sorry...
icegoat63: theres no excuse for you
icegoat63: your sick
icegoat63: I cant believe you
Chaos: Lol!
icegoat63: hahaha
icegoat63: j/k
Chaos: You weren't complaining the other day ;)
Chaos: ))
Chaos: :))*
icegoat63: what happened to "keep it on the down low"
ScubaSteve farts again
Chaos: What happened was that you posted it all over the damn internet
Chaos: :))
Chaos laughs
icegoat63: watch my butt dance: (_)_) (_(_) (_)_) (_(_)
ScubaSteve: []xxxx[]======================>
ScubaSteve: DAMNIT
Chaos watches. Stares at his Butt. Drinks muir beer
ScubaSteve: my sword is blunted
Chaos: ROFL
phoenix314 lmfao
ScubaSteve: []xxxx[]====================>;
ScubaSteve: there we go
ScubaSteve: that's for ass stabbery
Chaos: Watch oot ice, he's a comin' for ya!
icegoat63: 8======D
phoenix314 haha
icegoat63: w88t
Chaos: Dudes, we re sick
Chaos: but it's so RIGHTEOUS
Chaos: :)) :))
phoenix314 or just gay
Chaos: Lol
phoenix314 :p
ScubaSteve: just wait until i start writing my own comic
Chaos: Nothin' sick about being gay
icegoat63: Did you ever watch SNL?
phoenix314 ^^
icegoat63: with the Abiguously Gay Duo
Chaos: just about stickin' your dick up someones a'hole
phoenix314 I love ya, chaos. :]
ScubaSteve: i used to
Chaos: :))
icegoat63: "keep rubbing it... Im about to Morph"
Chaos opens 'nother beer

*After a strange convo about dogs in heat....*

phoenix314 this whole conversation is weird as fuck
icegoat63: I've got a little Rat Terrier right now
ScubaSteve: and, fucking retarded
Chaos: Hell yeah
Chaos: I vote we change topic
Chaos: :))
phoenix314 any suggestions?
icegoat63: back to scoops penis?
ScubaSteve faps
Chaos: Yes
Chaos: I concur
icegoat63: I hear its electrifying
Chaos: Scoobs penis is awesome, but hurts a lot
Chaos: LOL
icegoat63: HAHAHAHA
phoenix314 orly?
Chaos: lol
icegoat63: Hurtin for a squirtin
Chaos: Si senorita
Chaos cracks beer open
ScubaSteve: its about time scoob gets laid
icegoat63: Greatest line from 40 year old virgin
ScubaSteve: ..by a female
phoenix314 LMFAO
ScubaSteve: ..a human female
Chaos: Scoob, don't lie man
icegoat63: with a pulse?
ScubaSteve: preferable but not necessary
Chaos: Scoob desires man-flesh
Chaos: :))
icegoat63: ah
phoenix314 you know you want chaos.
icegoat63: I see...
Chaos: Who doesn't
Chaos: :p
ScubaSteve: nay, i don't
icegoat63: i thought you were married
phoenix314 You're not my type, chaos, dear.
Chaos: I have 15 wives
phoenix314 ;]
Chaos: none can please me
icegoat63: poor guy
Chaos: LOL
Chaos: Curse you, firbird
Chaos: fire****
phoenix314 :p
phoenix314 XD
Chaos: Lol!
icegoat63: is that because they remind you of a kicked in watermelon?
icegoat63: lol when Gizmo goes seed diving
Chaos: Quite possibly, si
ScubaSteve: fight club is fucking bloody
Chaos: Gizmo's a huntin# for some pleasure
Chaos: ROFL
icegoat63: Gizmo is on the Prowl
TimmehD joined the room.
icegoat63: Im so making a picture of that tomorrow
Chaos: Rofl
Chaos: Gizmo wants TIMMEH!
icegoat63: raw blah Timmeh!
ScubaSteve: haha, tim
ScubaSteve: you've missed out
TimmehD: What the hell did I walk into?
Chaos let's Gizmo run after Timmeh
phoenix314 lmfao
icegoat63: feel free to pet Gizmo
Chaos: A Scoob fest
icegoat63: give it a nice stroke or two
Chaos: Hey, timmeh, come touch Gizmo
TimmehD: No...I'm good.
icegoat63: HAHAHA
Chaos: You like Gizmio, timmeh?
TimmehD: I've heard that before.
Chaos: Gizmo****
ScubaSteve: two strokes is all it takes
TimmehD: It's still tied up in the courts.
Chaos: Gizmo FUCKS YOU UP
phoenix314 finds a nice place on the celing to camp out
Chaos: LOL!
icegoat63: LMFAO, you've been tempted to pet a Gizmo before
phoenix314 you guys have fun
icegoat63: Quick Draw McGraw
Chaos watches as Gizmo proceeds to rape the shit outta Timmeh
icegoat63: Two Pump Chump
TimmehD: Is a speed freak.
TimmehD: Come on, man.
TimmehD: I'm sore enough as it is.
Chaos laughs as Timmeh squeals
Chaos: LOL!
icegoat63: oh god
icegoat63: lol sore arses all around eh'
Chaos: Man, what a fucking sausage fest
Chaos: LOL!
Chaos: I'm a giver not a taker
Chaos: :p
ScubaSteve: hahaha, he's figuring out that he's tyler
Chaos: LMAO
TimmehD: Phoenix, you can't leave.
phoenix314 I'm not going anywhere. I'm just staying out of the crossfire.
Chaos: Phenox, your not going?
TimmehD: Ah.
icegoat63 has left the room (logged out)
Chaos: Oh, thank fucjk
phoenix314 XD
Chaos Chaos has also logged out because Gizmo wanted to follow Icegoat
icegoat63 icegoat has left the room..... and locked himself in the closet
ScubaSteve: la la la
ScubaSteve: i'm bored
ScubaSteve: you guys aren't funny
ScubaSteve: and i want more pizza
phoenix314 time to come out of the closet, dude.
icegoat63: what kind of pizza
Chaos slaps Scoob inna face
phoenix314 I'm eating pizza right now
Chaos: pizza you mother fucker!
icegoat63: I had Tostada... often confused with Taquito
TimmehD: Is there alcohol involved here, tonight?
icegoat63: meh-be
Chaos: There fucking is with me
Echoes joined the room.
Chaos: god DAMN I need some pizza
TimmehD: I figured as much.
ScubaSteve: its a supreme pizza
ScubaSteve: echoes, this chat is fucked up
Echoes: why
ScubaSteve: they won't shut up about my dick
phoenix314 I'm posting it
Echoes: um
Chaos laughs as Gizmo descends upon Echaose like the wrath of Go
phoenix314 You guys can read all about it
TimmehD: It IS quite miraculous.
Chaos meant God...
Echoes: i was gonna say
Chaos: Lool
ScubaSteve: heh
Chaos: Echoes youfuck, gimme some love
Chaos: :))
ScubaSteve: hahahahahaha
Echoes: stop negging me
Chaos: I never negged you tou bitch
ScubaSteve: i just hit the big twist in fight club
Chaos rapes Echoes
icegoat63: the big twist....
TimmehD: You haven't seen it before?
Chaos: Mwahahahaaha
Echoes: wow
icegoat63: I have
ScubaSteve: no
ScubaSteve: i have
icegoat63: lol I was helping to build the moment
Echoes: did you drink the 37% yet?
Chaos: Nope
ScubaSteve: its been blowing my mind because i've only seen it once
Chaos: Not until muir beer
TimmehD: Haha.
TimmehD: Parts of the movie don't make sense, then.
Chaos: Scoob I can't believe you never seen Fight Club beforee
Echoes: you've only seen fight club once?
TimmehD: Does that mean he beat the shit out of himself in that alley?
Chaos: Yep
icegoat63: I've only seen it once
Echoes: i haven't seen it in years. i'm gonna watch it soon
ScubaSteve: yeah
Chaos: I love you guys SOOO much
Chaos: Hahahah
Chaos: :)
TimmehD: Really? Cause we all hate you. o_O
Chaos: I know...I'm used to hate
Echoes: chaoes, what the fuck man
Chaos: LOL
phoenix314 Nah
phoenix314 I love chaos
TimmehD: Liez ^
ScubaSteve: echoes, did you see my rep post in the mod forum?
Chaos: NOVODY locves me
Echoes: i like him too, but he's an annoying drunk
phoenix314 just not like that :]
Echoes: yeah, i just read it
Chaos: I've been hated snce conception lol
Echoes: i approve
ScubaSteve: am i like this when i drink/
TimmehD: That's a fine record.
Echoes: i'll post in there eventually
phoenix314 nope
Echoes: no you're not like that
phoenix314 you're funny as hell, though
Chaos: :(
Echoes: and i hope i'm not either
ScubaSteve: how am i?
phoenix314 both of you are
Chaos: I'm going for a while..
phoenix314 alrighty
TimmehD: You can tell.
ScubaSteve: echoes and i got trashed and were in here
ScubaSteve: i remember that
Chaos: Lol
TimmehD: Just....yeah, you can tell.
Chaos: I'll be back when I'm bored.
Echoes: i'm gonna do drunk chats more often from now on
Chaos went away.

Chaos came back.
Chaos: RAWR!
TimmehD: I can't get drunk. D:
kiwi: Sure echoes
TimmehD: No parties.
icegoat63: Diet says No Alcohol
Chaos: I am baaack
phoenix314 liez
Chaos: sort of
TimmehD: You're a liez!
ScubaSteve: i have booze...
Echoes: i've drank once in the last month
Echoes: and you were all here to see it
ScubaSteve: heh
ScubaSteve: i was drunk then, too
Chaos: tra la laaa.
kiwi: yea, unfortunately missed most of that night
Echoes: phoenix saw it
Chaos dances nekked aroundyou all
Chaos: :))
Echoes: and said i'm fun when i'm drunk
kiwi: I saw some of it
TimmehD: Oh God yes.
kiwi: well, get to drinking
phoenix314 oh god my eyes
Chaos: Ahaha
Chaos: you know you fukcing love it firebird
Chaos: everyone does
Chaos: :))
phoenix314 not really x.x
Echoes: i can't drink tonight. it's too late
kiwi: me either
Chaos downs rest of this can
Go figure. ;)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
phoenix, this is like the counterpart of hime's post - yours would be "what happens when you're the only girl (uhm, technically, lol) in the chatroom"


Epic Gamer
Bleh. There'll be way more tonight. I plan on, once muir, getting drunk. I find it rather fun :lol:

This, of course, is providing my internet connection works. And that I'm awake. No sleep after being drunk sucks, I had to spend most of the morning pretending to be sober to my grandparents :lol: