What Happens to Professional Musicians?


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I have been in many a bands but, of course, we never were professional. Overall I think I have released four EPs and one full length on a shit label haha. So I never saw the bigger side of the industry; just the kids who wanna be on the bandwagon, the promoters who thought they were cool, and the CMV (Child molestation vehicle/van) that doubled as our house.

So I sit today and ask myself "What happens to professional musicians when their groups disperse and their run of the industry is over?"

This question arose as I watched this video by one of my favorite bands "Escape the Fate." I noticed the guy from Buckcherry and I just got to thinking. When ETF and Buckcherry break up what is to become of the members? Sure, a few might have other projects but surely not all of them. Do they go to college and pursue life-like careers?

And despite what you might think they are not filthy rich. Even a professional musician only makes 80k a year average. (That's my conclusion from reading a bunch over the last couple of hours.) A band like Metallica on the other hand can make over a million every show in just profit.

So I guess my question is aimed at lower end professional musicians and bands. The ones that aren't household names, they just have a moderate fan base.
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