what happened to the pope domain?

does anyone know what happened to the popebenedictxvi.com auction? i had it on my watch list and now it's gone. i thought it had a few more days. what about the goldenpalace safe? how much did it go for?

Last I had saw yesterday 4/25 the pope domain had shot up to over $19,000 which was crazy. I know everybody who knows domains was thinking I should have thought about that.. I can't find it either.. I don't know if it got pulled, but I don't see why..

And the goldenpalace safe got pulled. Rumor has it that it's because she used goldenpalace in the title which ebay frowns on.. And now she is trying to prove thats her legal name, and ebay wasnt understanding so far.. Another rumor floating is they pulled it because the safe was not hers, and was in fact her husbands who didn't know about the sale, as she stated in the auction listing..

This is just what I heard, could be wrong...



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The pope domain is back up again. Ebay cancelled it for some wording they didn't like, but the seller has relisted it starting at $19,000. He lives in Oakville, not that far from me. I was just in Oakville on Sunday visiting friends.<br>What was so special about his domain? I see other Pope domains listed on Ebay.


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Let me shed a little light on these subjects. The pope auction got cancelled because of wording. You are not allowed to use any links in a listing unless it enhances your own auction. This means you are not allowed to advertise another auctions site unless the item you are selling has came from them or has their name in your web address. For instance you can use goldenpalace.com if you are selling an auction mrsgoldenpalace.com .

The mystery safe got cancelled becuase she used another sites name in her descriptions that did not directly enhance her auction. Ebay has strict rules but they are fair about them to everyone.

I mean just look at how much money they were set to make off of the auction. They will however tell you what you violated that way you can go back and fix it and list it again.

I do not agree with everything ebay does but at least they try to keep the same rules for everyone.
thanks for the information, i hate it when items i watch just disappear with no explanation and then i never hear about them again.


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So what do people do, register a domain that they think will be worth a lot and than just turn around and sell it and transfer it to the bidder?