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PC Games What game is this???


New Member
I am trying to figure out the name of a game I used to play when I was a kid, which would be around 1990.
We had this piece computer, and it only had two games; Battle Chess and the game I can't remember.
What I do remeber about the game:
-The Intro screen had this guy, and behind him were these red mountains. There might have been a cave.
-There were multiple levels, and the "guy" had to do something to progress to the next level.
-I remember there being lots of gold coins. I think that the guy had to collect them, then had to be maneuvered to some final destination point of the level.
-As for the levels: I remember a level with a gold background, one with a green theme, one with broom(like) things that you had to avoid - and narrow passageways in that level, one with skulls, one with some sort of pyramid that had to be climbed somehow (not so sure on that last one though). There was also one where there was an island in the center, and these things moved around the center island, and below were these wells or caverns that had to be explored (they probably had gold coins).. I belive that the terrain (the island and caverns) were a red/brown color.
-Of course, there was always something that had to be avoided, or the guy died (ex: the skulls, brooms, ect)
That is pretty much all I know, or at least all i can remember.

If this description reminds you of anything at all please do not hesitate to respond, this is driving me nutz. The only cure is to find the game.



Registered Member
what does the "guy" look like?

can you attack? if so what does he do to attack [ throw stuff, punch, jump on heads, etc ].


New Member
It was a side view game, not from above. Only, there was no "scrolling" that I can remember, if there was it was minimal. The screen you saw was the screen you got (I think...). I am quite positive that there was no scrolling.
Nor was there anything to move around that I can remember, or anything that you had to attack. I think that you just had to collect things, and avoid whatever evil creature that level provided.
Remember, this game is from about 1990 or earlier....crap


New Member
I hope you dont plan on playing it because it sounds kind of boring......:)