What food


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What food do you feel you couldn't live without??

Mines probably potatoes or fish!!


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Lots of things. Haha.

Probably pasta. I love pasta with any type of sauce or even just plain sometimes. Also most meats i probably couldn't stop eating. :nod:


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That's easy to answer. Chocolate.
Though there are days I go without it, the thought that it might never be a possibility to have makes me cringe.


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Bread. I have it most days for breakfast in the form of toast, for lunch with sandwiches, sometimes on the side with dinner and if I get peckish at night as a snack.


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There's so many different things, but I guess it would be bread as well. I eat bread everyday, and you could eat many different things with bread. Peanut Butter and Ketchup would probably be another thing, I love those two things.
Potatoes for sure, they're so versatile. Thinking about it, pretty much all my favourite foods (in single item form, not meals) are carby. Oops.