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This might be a stupid thread, but I think we can still have good discussions about this subject.

What type of feeling do you get when you see one of your countryman win a gold medal?

I feel so proud for them, because I know they've been working their butt off to accomplish this goal of theirs. Most of them only have one chance to win, and if they commit a mistake then four years of hard training and trying to qualify goes down the drain.

Sometimes I wish it was me trying to compete for a medal for my country, it would be a tremendous honour to do so.

Another thing is that when I watch an athlete that has a chance to win a medal I get so nervous.

How about you guys?
To be 100% honest; nothing much. I have never really cared about the Olympics, the only time I have sat down and watched it was when Phelps was shooting for the record. I guess that would count then, because if he had been for any other country, I would've probably rooted against him. I was more rooting for him, than my country, being from the US was just icing on the cake. But any other event? Eh.


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I'm happy for every athlete who wins a gold medal, even if they're from other countries, but I'm especially proud of my own countrymen. It's such a huge achievement to win an event you've been training for not only for the last four years, but really for your entire life in most cases.


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I'm happy to see anyone win a medal regardless of which country they are from. I know that they have worked hard to get it and they put their life and soul into their sport. I think everyone who wins a medal is well deserving of it. And they are always so happy and overjoyed when they finally realise that they have won a medal.

I always do feel proud if someone from TeamGB wins, even if that doesnt happen very often :hah:


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I'm like Echoes, I'm happy for those who win the gold medal. I feel a bit sorry though for the silver medal if that person was so close to getting the gold. :lol: Then there are events when I don't necessarily root for the French if I personally feel they're not the best in that category (point in case, in figure skating, I'd rather Plushenko wins the medal than Joubert --- of course it depends on their actual performance, but there's already a general preference there).

As for winning the gold medal, I think it's a great honor to win something while representing your country. And the whole ceremony where they raise the flag and play the gold medalist's anthem is touching.