What fantasy world would you want to live in?


Certified Shitlord
Where would pick to live if all your choices were imaginary places (such as Oz, Middle Earth, Star Wars, etc.)

I'd have to say Middle Earth, Minas Tirith.



Son of Liberty
I agree with middle earth. I've always been a huge fan of medieval like settings, and what better one have I ever seen than Tolkien's World?


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
Wow...I was thinking of starting a thread like this just yesterday. Looks like you beat me to it.

I think that I would choose to live in the DBZ universe, under the condition that I was one of the strong people.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
well in that case, i would want to live in azeroth, from world of warcraft. it would be so awesom to just go around doing quests, gaining exp, and killing random creatures. and if i die, i can just ressurect myself.



Certified Shitlord
I'm going to take your answer from the other thread and say Pokemon. I'm still a kid at heart and it would be fun to live there. I mean, come on, kids taking off on world wide adventures? I'm in!