What fantasy world would you NOT want to live in?


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Narnia. It's the combination of all the things I hate:

1) Talking animals
2) Children
3) Christian morality
4) Bad fantasy

Sure there'd occasionally be war and I'd get to battleaxe some unsuspecting motherfuckers, but damn it'd suck.

Also, New York from Escape from New York. The city is bad enough now, it as a prison colony...ugh.


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Any tentacle hentai fantasy. Sure, there's the obvious upside, but then there's the yaoi downside.

I wouldn't mind a trip to the Fallout universe though.
I wouldn't want to be in a world that has been or is about to be affected by a catastrophic event, like zombies, giant wars, etc. I would be taken out way too quickly.


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Anything with giant spiders - like 8 Legged Freaks, or Aracnaphobia. I would have a heart attack for sure. An earwig came crawling out a bunch of oranges at work today and I freaked out. My friend chopped it in half, and the thing was still alive!!!! bahahaha

Would LOVE to stay in Futurama though!


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The Matrix. I'd hate to have the world run by machines.