What fantasy species would you be?


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If you could be any fantasy species, humans excluded, which would you be? Could be from a movie, book, tv show, videogame, etc.

Don't just pick the "human" aliens either. Try to pick something that at least wouldn't be confused for a human if it came down to it. If you want to pick a human looking species then at least choose a non-human looking one as well.

For example, Darth Maul is of the species "Iridonian Zabrak" but he pretty much looks like a human with face paint on. Same goes for hobbits, elves, dwarfs etc. If you pick one of those types then go ahead and also post a species that is less human looking.

Also, try to post a picture of the species you pick if you can find one.
I always thought the male Iksar in EverQuest were cool - especially if they were wearing robes:

Something about a lizard-man I like. Interesting. =o
I'm curious on what the more right-winger posters of this forum will pick. So far, Hybrix and I picked fantasy creatures that look evil instead of the courageous, peaceful creatures that Twitch and Boredie picked thus far. Does that have a deeper meaning to it, or am I just over thinking it? Haha =D
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To throw a kink in Vilky's theory, I'd go with Illithid a.k.a. the Mind Flayer. All your brains are belong to me.


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My answer depends on the scenario - would I be living in a fantasy world, where I might have to fight other fantasy monsters? Or would the world be pretty much like it is now, but with me being the only fantasy creature? Do I have my mind inside the fantasy creature's body? Or if I choose a fantasy creature with animal-level intelligence; that's what I'm stuck with?


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I'd be the Great Cthulhu. Immortal, the definition of terror, and monstrous in size. Though, he is vaguely humanoid, I think the face and wings should set him apart from the rules.