What famous person have you been told you look like?


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Has anyone ever said you look like someone famous.
When i was younger i was told i looked like Kirk Stevens.....A snooker player(Canadian i believe)
Also told later that i looked like Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.
What about you guys? :D


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I like to wear different type of hats, and one day I wore this hat and a few people said I looked like Joey Jeremiah from Degrassi. But I personally don't think so.


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That dude who played Mac's boyfriend on JAG, I think. This girl in college said I looked like someone on the show who used to be on it and at the time I'd almost never seen the show so had no clue. But now that I'm a semi-fan of it, I've watched it to find as close a match as I can get, and I think she was talking about that husky boyfriend dude with the poofy black hair and slight double-chin. Not all that bad, but just makes me thankful I eventually lost the weight ;)
One person said I looked like Crayon Shin Chan. (That funny anime little guy with the thick eyebrows on adult swim) I've got thick eyebrows so I see where she's getting that from. And another person said I looked a bit like the guy from the Virginia Tech massacre. Kinda insulting I guess.

You could always check which celebrity you look like on myheritage.com. ( go to celebrity collage)

MyHeritage face recognition

This is who I got (86% resemblance according to their software) I'm the guy on the right.
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I've been told a couple times I resemble Will Ferrel. I don't see it. I think it mostly has to do with my personality.