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NES What Ever Happened to Your First NES


Registered Member
For the life of me, I cannot remember what happened to my first NES. I had the power pad too. I am thinking it may have been passed down to a younger member of my family (a nephew maybe?) but I am not sure.

Just curious to see what happened to everyone else's NES, or do you still have it?
I don't know what happened to my first NES, but I think it might be sitting in the attic. I do know that my second NES (the newer top-loading model) is in the attic, though.


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only had 1 NES and it still works. also got R.O.B. and a light gun.

it's in a box somewhere in the garage i think.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I still have my first and only NES. I haven't played it in a couple years but I'm sure it still works with enough blowing.


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I still have my NES...where it is, is a different story. However, I can still find my games. Godzilla is my fave for it.


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My nes is under my bed, tucked away with dozens of old games, gaming mags and other junk I can't bring myself to throw away


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I wasn't a serious gamer back then, and since I didn't play it much it was loaded into the back trunk of a car to give away to someone the next day. Really unlucky, someone saw it being loaded in and the next day the truck had been opened and the NES stolen. I would have lost it even if it hadn't been stolen... pretty strange, huh?


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My orinigal NES was traded in for my Super Nintendo... that was the first and last time I ever traded a system... it took me years to replace my NES collection, and now its about 100X's bigger than it was when I was a kid!!


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My first one just stopped working. But I do have another one that I am still using. I love it.


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I lent my regular NES to one of my younger friends (13 at the time) and the careless idiot lost it. I had that thing forever and it never broke down. I had to replace the system and all the games by buying them from ebay, and I STILL need to replace the system that replaced the system (because of the sticker on it) and the idiot still has to pay me back. I hate idiots. Fucking immature idiots.