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What else can go wrong?


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What else can go wrong? **updated**

what a bad weekend...

Friday my daughter gets a nosebleed while out watching the fireworks

Saturday my son falls down the stairs at the movie theater, messed up the side of his face

and this morning while mowing the backyard my wife dislocates a knee and breaks her wrist.... then right after doing that she mows the front yard and t6hen brings the lawn mower over to my moms to do her grass...

now, I know i stop if im hurt... but what the fuck was she thinking mowing the front grass when she didnt even know she broke her wrist yet!

what else can go wrong!

** update will take place in my last poat on this thread **


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Que Lastima :eek:hno: Sorry to hear about that Samus. Everything you mentioned will heal, at least. A broken wrist though...Definitely needs to mend and be set straight.


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Yeah, no kidding. My dad broke his wrist in the front yard back about 6 years ago. Wrist injuries are no fun- hope she gets to feeling better. :eek:hno:


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Thanks Piano, She had a Dotcots appointment tomarroe hopefully it wont be too bad


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thats called a spelling error... something I do often but dont look for in my smaller posts... so 'scuse me

Well Bad news... Really bad news

My wife went to another Doctor on wendsday, this one a hand specialist and gave my wife 2 options..

1. Have an operation on her hand


2. wear a cast almost all the way up to her elbow for 4 weeks, then a cast to her mid arm for 8 weeks then one just over her wrist for 6 weeks

Friday she will go to see another doctor (4th one since Sunday when this happened) and he is a Surgeon, and this is where we will find out what the best option is and go from there

I do not know how long this will keep her out of work, and thats the really BAD part about it

well thats the story so far hopefully things will turn out for the better


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Ah, so fate has decided to smite you too eh? Well, as unpleasent as this is to say to ya, welcome to the little group. Let us hope you don't become a permanent member.