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What Else Can Be Done?


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Yeah I remember, and all the wrestlers had to do was say no. If somebody offered me drugs I would say no, pure and simple and I wouldn't care if I had to lose my job, even if I was a wrestler. I really believe that these guy should have an offseason, but other than that they know what they are getting into before they sign.


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Vince McMahon was ACQUITTED of all charges stemming from the steroid trial in 1994, fyi. So it was not proven that he's EVER told wrestlers they should take steroids. Maybe he told them that the bigger the better but it was never proven he handed them out to anybody or told anybody what to do.

So what else can be do? McMahon and the WWE offer former or current wrestlers free entry into rehab clients but it's not the WWE's job to baby these wrestlers once they move on. They are humans and they are adults...they decide what they want to do with their lives.

The wrestling business is a tough life...they knew it coming into it.


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So? If the boss wants to you to take performance enhancing drugs than he should man up and pay for rehab as well, which the WWE is doing. Recently even going as far to help Scott Hall, who isn’t even signed with them anymore. And good for them for doing the right thing. Wrestling is multi-million dollar sport, they can spend a few thousands on their talent, I don’t see a problem with that.

Cons is absolutely right, if you’re not a big star like John Cena or Triple H, no one’s gonna give a shit about you, and you gotta take what you can get, and for some guys - this is all they know. Its not easy to get other gigs. And like you said, yes there is the option of just saying no, but seriously who’s gonna say no? You said you did and good for you, but not everyone can give up what they've always dreamed of doing. Its all about passion. Independant circuits don’t pay the same kinda money that the WWE pays. Alex Shelley wrestled his first match for 8 dollar? 8 dollars, man. That’s effin’ ridiculous lol. Sometimes people get desperate to put food on the table.

Oh and btw I wasn’t ripping on Vince McMahon, I was just using him as an example, but be serious, man. Everyone knows Vince was guilty, if he wasn’t then he wouldn’t have had to step down and assign Linda as CEO. He was just getting his legal ducks in order. Money buys good lawyers. So, I don’t believe that Vince McMahon is an innocent angel. I’m just sayin it like I see it, so call me a hater. Sure I watch his programming, but I have no problem in calling out his bullcrap.
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That's true but Vince McMahon is notorious for encouraging his talent to take performance enhancing drugs. Am I the only one that remembers the 'Steroid Trials' from 1992? He probably doesn't anymore, but he used to.
Funny you should mention that mate I am an online subscriber to the Wrestling Observer and Figure 4 Weekly. I am working my way through the 1992 Observers and am currently slap bang in the middle of the steroid scandal.


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not sure anything else can be done...

they are now realizing their mistakes and are trying to fix the problem...

hopefully over time this leads to less young deaths....