What DON'T You Like About the Poster Above You?


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No more kissing ass and worshipping the ground that others walk on! What irks you about the poster above you? Please try to keep ths about their posting skills. I want this to be more of a "how can I better myself as a poster" thread. But, whatever. If you must stray away from that, then that's okay. It gives the next poster reason to ridicule and mock you! -And then she laughed-


Note: This is not in the F&C section for a reason.
Much like the majority of people on here, he has misguided perceptions. *shrugs*

He did use the correct term tho. I am argumentative as opposed to hostile. I hold an opposition against them. Where he faltered tho is temper.....I just have a strong urge to point out falsities and redirect to truths...its a flaw tho.


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He needs to realize that he comes off as a hostile person whether he means to or not. As you said to me, there is much emotion in your posts and you may want to control that.
I thought you had said you don't want this to become a "how can I better myself as a poster" thread. You just gave me advice.....

She's just as oppositional as me....