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What does your typical weekend look like?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm sure we've discussed this at some point or another, but we're all at different points in our lives. What does your typical weekend look like - do you go out or stay in and relax? Either, what kind of things do you like to do the most?

Most of my weekends are quiet - my social life isn't what it used to be haha. A lot of times I'm fine with that, because in social work and in any office you're always around people. Living by myself and being able to get some solicitude is not bad at all. If I am staying in, I'll usually play video games, watch sports or movies, do some reading, and maybe have a couple of beers.

If I am going out, my favorite things to do are typically with only a smaller group of friends. I love going to Cardinals games, checking out a brewery or bar, seeing a movie, or doing something low key like bowling/shooting pool. I'm too old for the club scene or a huge party.

Either way, I try to spend at least a little time with family every weekend as well. Saturdays are always lazy days and I do some chores on Sunday after having breakfast with my parents.


Registered Member
It really depends as well for me but most of the time, I stay home and have dinner with family (either my mom & dad, my brothers & their girlfriends, uncles & aunts, etc.) and sometimes, I do stuff on Saturday night with my friends. However, I do more stuff with my friends on Sundays. We usually book one Sunday a month to watch wrestling or other stuff. I'm not big on going to clubs and everything. Sometimes, we go bowling but it's rare. We usually hang out at each other's places.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Saturday mornings I usually run errands, then I try to enjoy the rest of the day. I'll watch the Blue Jays game, have some beers and maybe go out to a restaurant. I definitely don't go out to bars like I used too. Which is nice.

Sunday's I usually work at my part-time job from 7-330. Then I come home, have a few beers and relax as much as I possibly can.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't go to bars anymore, never did a lot, they just aren't for me. I usually just go shopping on Saturdays, plus a few yard sales and spend time with my son. In the evening I will have a glass or two of wine sometimes. Sundays I sometimes spend time with aunts and uncles or friends but mostly stay at home, watch a movie, play pinball and come on here.


Weekends = everywhere but home.

I do a lot of things during weekends: I go to the gym, hang out with friends at night (both Friday and Saturday).
On Sunday mornings I hang out with mom and/or go out for a run by the lake.
Sometimes I'll go shopping or I'll have a coffee with a friend.

So during weekends, I'm mostly outdoors hanging around.


Registered Member
Spend time with wife and three children. Five, nine and fifteen years old.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
‎Same here, my weekend used to be packed with 3-4 parties. At least every other weekend when the kids aren't with me. Now they look the same - catching sleep (enjoying the moment I don't have to wake up early). Being lazy and catching up on my tv shows. And Sunday, I prepare for the following week's work.


Embrace the Suck
Friday afternoon-hit the gym, then it's date night. Usually a movie.

Saturday morning, hit the gym. Then it's running errands or maybe going to the office. Then it's 5:30 Mass then dinner and relaxing.

Sunday morning-hit the gym, then it's lunch with my parents and kids, and then grocery shopping for the week and just relaxing.


Problematic Shitlord
Sadly, it's almost nothing but PC time.

I'm trying to make a better effort to hit the gym but I get self conscious. I have a pair of weights at home but then I slack on those. I think I'm going to sign myself up for a physical activity of some sort, maybe a martial art, to force myself into action.