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What Does Your Gaming Place Look Like


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If something looks like what you have, you should say that. Your earlier post made it seem like it was yours. If something is not yours, then don't say it is.


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what the point of lying. I was like if u have that many game you should be rich and you should be a prenium member. nice try buddy.:lol: :lol:


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My gaming setup... there are shelf things in the wall of my living room. At the top is a small one, where I put my Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox games. Below that is a large shelf, on which the tv is placed. Under that is another shelf, in which I keep an old PS, instruction manuals which have lost their case, cases that have lost their games, and several other things. Once I put the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube there, but it was really too small and dangerous for the systems to fall, so now they're in a small cove below that, except the Xbox, which is held in a different room. Also in that small cove is a near-broken vcr, which is only kept because it's the only place to hook the games up. It's really useless except for that hook-up in the back.