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What Does Your Gaming Place Look Like


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The n64 isn't in the shot and um...someone was throwing out the PAc-Man Machine,and we lugged in my house.

I have an old Atari too,found that in my basment as well,amnd then we cleaned the place up and turned into GamingHeaven



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That is actually my stuff execpt a freind had to host it for me and thats his(and what used to be)his site.He doesn't own it anymore.
Absolute said:
Man.. how many games do you own? That's crazy. You should post a bigger pic of each shelf.
Actually the are mostly DVDs and a couple are blank cases


4 legs good 2 legs bad
:lol: Nice.

What was the point of lying, Bob? Are you that insecure? Do you need to impress us or something?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Stop lying to look cool to us, man. You don't need to. If I had a camera I'd post my gaming rig. I can gaurentee it's better than anything you could have.