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What does it take to be classified as a guardian?


New Member
I am 17 and I don't live with my parents. I will be 18 years old in about a month. Because of certain circumstances, I moved in with a friend's family and his single mom. Once I moved in with them, I got a job at Harris Teeter, and since I'm under 18, I have to have a work permit to work. My manager said that I can get a guardian to sign my work permit on the spot instead of my parents, but can his mom be classified as my guardian? Do we have to go through any legal applications before she can sign?, because my manager is asking me to come in to sign it in less than 2 days.


still nobody's bitch
I'm assuming there's a good reason you can't have your parents sign it?

I think the best place to check is with the Department of Labor, as that's who requires the work permit.