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What does it mean when you want to spend time with someone for no apparent reason?


New Member
I'm a senior in high school, and there's this girl I've been friends with for four years. I've always wanted to get to know her better, but only recently she has seemed interested in spending more time with me too, and we haven't been this close since I first met her. The trouble is that I really want to spend time wih her, but the time we spend together is full of long pauses, light conversation, and nothing particularly interesting or enjoyable. For whatever reason, I guess I really enjoy her company, maybe it'll get better, I just don't know what it means or what I should do. I have so little experience with this stuff, so I was hoping others might have advice or similar experiences.

Please help if you can, or just share whatever


Free Spirit
Staff member
Try asking her to go out on a date if you want to get to know her better. She may be waiting for that or she might just consider you a good friend. If you don't try though you will always wonder.