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What does God think about Hypnotism?


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I already know what I believe on this topic..
I want to know what others believe? I also want to know what is it exactly? Last what really is the difference between hypnotism and brainwashing?


Well I can't speak for God on this matter, however, my interpretation of Biblical scripture would seem to suggest that he would not be in favor of this sort of thing given that it attempts to create an altered state of perception, which was often pursued back then through "sorcery" (pharmakos) which is explicitly a no-no.

As to what hypnosis actually is, it is an induced state of heightened suggestibility during which the person can be strategically directed to parts of their memory or consciousness that would ordinarily be inaccessible. This state also supposedly allows for suggestions to be placed in the persons subconscious that linger after the "patient" is awake. There is no evidence that hypnosis can be used to create a "Manchurian candidate". Brainwashing conditions the mind using much more extreme circumstances, ultimately breaking the persons spirit and to some degree their sanity in order to make the person more receptive over time to doing the unthinkable. Brainwashing does not place hidden ideas or suggestions in a persons subconscious, it attempts to scramble their moral compass and erode their sense of free will.
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Just checking to see if God posted.