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Super Nintendo What does Chrono Trigger mean to you?


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Let me, in the long and fruitful history of GameForum.com, be the proud owner of the very first Chrono Trigger post ^,^

Make no mistake, Chrono Trigger is THE best game of all time. Not the best rpg, not the best snes game but the best game EVER! It is just perfect, everything about it is spot on.

So you all know what Chrono Trigger means to me, but what does it mean to you? The poll, put the one that fits closest to your feelings, even if the option you pick is slightly off you feelings, just do it. It will be good to see where Chrono Trigger slots in to our demographic also ^,^


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Would also like to add that I have ranked it in order of top being number 1 and least top being number 6. If you get my meaning.


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Posting back 2 back??? I smell MERGE!!! Just kidding. :lol:

So anyways..... Chrono Trigger.... ah yes, what does Chrono Trigger mean to me.... what an interesting topic. And what a good poll too. Those are some good choices.

I first tried Chrono Trigger on a SNES emulator back in college. That's back when I had my PC and my roommate was showing me all the wonders of internet gaming. This was the year 2002, spring/summer, can't be certain. Midway through the summer I ended up getting a Mac OSX and embarking on the wonderful world of film editing, but it was just before that that I got to play Chrono Trigger on an emulator. I don't know why I chose the game. I think it was because I remember seeing the game featured in Nintendo Power magazine awhile back and they made a big deal about it, but not in an "over-hyped" sort of way, more like a "this is a cool game and it's worth checking out" sort of way. So I tried it and....

FELL IN LOVE WITH IT INSTANTLY!!! I got hooked on the storyline. It was like everything I was experiencing came naturally. The fair was awesome, the bump-in with Marle was awesome, the taking her around town and getting her back was awesome, the mad king and trial drama was awesome (actually the best part), the going back in time to pull one of those "Back to the Future change the past so the present is there" storyline was awesome, and last but not least, the "going forward in time and realizing the future is crappy so we must embark on a mission to make it better" plotline was awesome. That's actually where I left off the first time I played the game. In that small fraction of the story alone, the part that I was addicted to, I saw a lot of parallels between the game story and my actual life story that I was going through at the time. The part about the trial especially spoke to me, and I found empathization with the characters undeniable.

So when I got the Mac and left the PC at home, I was saddened, but made it a point to go back someday, buy the actual game for my Super NES system, and pick up where I left off, although this time taking it from the very beginning and shooting right through non-stop to the end. Well, I found the game conveniently on ebay, got it for a modest 36 dollars (this is after like 9 bidding wars where the winning bids were averaging around 50 dollars a game), and I treked through the game on my break between spring and summer semesters 2005. I still haven't BEATEN the game quite yet because I'm busy trying to level up to level 99 per person so that when I start New Game +, my guys are already there and I can forget about the need to get experience points completely, and instead just avoid pointless battles entirely. I'm also trying to stock up on gold so that I can trade them for items and can get as much back on the New Game + as possible. I've completed all the side quests now, and I'm looking for the best place to level up. So far, the best I've found is 1407 exp points per battle against a gigasaur and 2 leapers in Giant's Claw, but I'm thinking there might be a better fight somewhere else. I also get 1 barrier and 1 shield per battle from that one, which I trade in routinely for gold once I get 99 of each. So that's an added perk. Right now, Chrono is my highest guy and he's at level 86. The rest are around level 79-80.

Yeah, so that's the extended version of my post.... That is officially..... WHAT CHRONO TRIGGER MEANS TO ME

ta-da!!!! :D


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I couldn’t of possibly predicted as good as post as that about CT ^,^ I think far more people, western people that is, first played the emulated copy of the game, rather than the actual cart. I was in Australia during the snes days, I had to rent it with an NTSC to PAL converter when I first rented it, but boy was it worth it. Fell in love right away, the only other game I rented more often than CT was Sim City. Yeah, it was never released in PAL format, so everyone had to import it!

The trial scene is also a particular favourite of mine, just makes me tingle just thinking about *tingles* There are as new Japenese versions of the game going for a pittance, they either over printed them in Japan, are STILL printing them or someone is making pirate copies of it ^,^ I do not know, but they are all over eBay, am thinking of getting one just for sake of it being so cheap!

Oh, and I double posted as I am pretty sure that you can’t edit the main post when there is a poll ^,^ Which is fair enough, as it would be unfair to post a poll and then later on change the terms of it.


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it doesnt really mean much to me, I sold the copy I had for 80 bucks on Ebay... complete of course (box and instructions)

The cart itself goes for about 45... Never got into it as I liked the earlier Final Fantasies and Secret of Mana


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Unfortunatelly, I've never played iy. I'd really like to, though, because I've heard lots of good things. For some reason I've never found the time to get it on eBay.