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What does Christmas mean to you?


Christmas to me is about having fun and going out with friends.
Short and simple.


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Christmas means being way too busy. Feeling forced into participating. It means watching people around me buy (figuratively and literally) into the commercialism. It means getting cards from people whom decide to care about another just long enough to address the envelope. Christmas morning I see that my kids are disappointed about what they didn't get. And that I see a lot of my family of which a few of them I would not choose.

OK, so that was my cynical side. Now for what I like....

The lights!!! Love the colors and twinkle. The music!!! I know a lot of the words and can sing along. The trees!!! Pine smells yummy. Gift wrap!!! Such pretty packaging. Ornaments!!! They are cute and creative and shiny. Clothes!!! Finding a formal outfit for a party.

As for the true meaning...if I sit quietly and remember the reason for the season....I get a glimpse of Jesus' birth. But I have to think hard about it since there's so much "noise" in the way.


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Well, Christmas just got a new and very special meaning for me. I got the Christmas pickle! :D