What does boxing need to do...


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What does boxing need to do to get more fans to watch the sport?

Boxing as gone downhill in recent years when it comes to ratings and fan attention, but the last forth-fifty years boxing as been really popular. It's a shame that it's lost so many fans.

What do you think boxing needs to do to go back to those glory days?


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Too many pris madonna's & not enough hunger.. Brilliant fighters who only fight once a year, with the added attraction of less pain for a better chance of earning big money within the ball game sector..
As soon as the Iron Curtain came down, the flood gates opnened for Russian & East European boxers to get out of their amateur gear & earn a few bob.. With this came new promoters & more competition.. Some of the fat cats like Warren & King started losing out to people like Palle & Sauderland.. A lot of the big promotions are now held in Germany as opposed to America, & top Americans & UK fighters won't fight there through fear of being robbed by biased officials.. All the recent nonsense concerning David Haye is a prime example..
On a good note, I also think that it's now in mid transition.. Once things settle, it can only be good for the sport.. I've noted a lot of Cubans joining the pro ranks & the future looks good.. UFC won't take over, simply because more people prefer the stand up game.. Heavyweights lead the pack, & Wladimir Klitschko is a dominant, but relatively boring champ.. Once an exciting fighter takes him, it'll all liven up again.. I'm confident someone will break through soon, they always do..