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What do you?


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There is such a wide array of people here, and I must say we all seem to have a charm and sense of humor ;) I was just curious what we all do for a living ? Yes aside from auctions lol
Im a daycare provider, yep you guessed it i dont get out much :) But it is fun and I am with my kids all day so i can't complain :)


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Bless your heart Miss!! My hats off to you! It takes special people to be day care workers! LOL I stopped in once early to pick up my three year old and oh my gosh! I would have to had ear plugs to of stayed in there!! LOL

Me, I"m a secretary in a furniture factory one day to be UNEMPLOYED when they find out all I do is stay in here all day!!



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LOL Jennifer,,, Believe me by the end of the day as much as i love all the kids that come into my home i am soooo ready for them to go home :) But i figured when i started if i wanted to be and if I was going to be at home with my kids all day , I can at least provide a safe environment for other kids to play too :)


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I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom! I was just discussing with my boss the possiblity of getting laid off work. Only problem there is I would have no insurance. I could not afford to keep it from here.


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hello all
well with me i think at times i would rather have your jobs .than mine at times i live here in dallas and own my own mobile home repair business


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Well I used to work for a large dept store buying office and I was also a former model. I did a lot of extra work in movies. Now I am at home and spend most of my time at my computer LOL. Going broke on Ebay.


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Hi everyone! I am an artist/writer/business owner/insurance sales-just depends on the time of day...I guess you could say my most rewarding job right now though is taking care of my 3 daughters! :D


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Well, I haven't officially worked since this January, but if life was a game of twister, I'd need more hands.

I have worked in the following positions in the last few years:

1. Forehead Salesman (seventh job, and in the market!)
2. Web & Graphic Design for an eBay Powerseller (sixth job, technically still employed there. I also do a lot of this on my own, which is how I got my job at PayPal, read below, you will see)
3. Wedding DJ (fifth job, electric slide anybody?)
4. PayPal (fourth job, yep, as in eBay/PayPal)
5. Telemarketing (third job, yes, you heard me, I was the guy calling you during dinner! lol!)
6. Grocery Store (second job)
7. Movie Theater (first job)



greenhappycat, you lost your job?? :( Did you get laid off?? Will you be able to get another job soon?
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Ive worked in a grocery store for 12 years! Current position which I need to get out of is Cashier. Before that I was a courtesy clerk for 2 years, I was the one who put your eggs on top of your bread!!