What Do You Wear To Work?


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I work in an office but my boss is very relaxed on what we have to wear. We are allowed to wear jeans (although i never do), and i even get away with wearing my jandals/flip-flops/whatever you call them in your part of the world. In saying this, i generally try to dress smart...but not too smart cause then id look out of place. So most days its black pants or skirt with a plain coloured top.


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I don't have a job, but when I was a sunday school teacher I'd wear my church clothes whatever they'd be that day. When I worked at Best Buy I'd wear khaki pants and the lovely blue shirt.


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I work in an office whenever I'm not studying. My boss doesn't really care what people wear so usually I wear just jeans and some nice shirt. Today I'm wearing my favorite jeans and cardigan.


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At Arbys we have to wear black shoes, socks, and pants. With a black belt and the t-shirt they give us.

Not to mention the hat.



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I can wear casual clothes since I'm working with children and we have to wear comfortable clothing to keep up with them. Jeans, shorts, long or short sleeve shirts, as long as nothing is reveiling or offensive, it's all good. But nothing with hole or cuts in the fabric as well.



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Im a student so most of my jobs have been temporary ones, but i mostly get to use formal or semi-formal clothes... its annoying at first but i got sed to it


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I either wear scrubs and tennis shoes or I dress up really nice in a pair of dress pants, a nice shirt, a jacket, and some high heels. Well, and my job I do from my house I just wear what I want to.

Depends on which job I am going to and what I will be doing that day.


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The only dress code at our bar is generally 'black'. But, I still get away with other dark colours, sometimes.

However, if there's a do or a party on, we wear proper shirts or polo shirts.