What Do You Wear To Work?


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I just has to wear a fleece with my company logo on it, black smart trousers and black smart shoes, and just a simple white tshirt under my fleece. nothing too fancy, but nothing too causal either


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We have to wear our company shirts and if we don't have it, then the clothes have to be plain like it can't have "i'm with stupid" or it can't it can have other company logos like Pepsi because we go out and work at other people's house and we want them to know that are working for our company and we are representing our company.


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I work in office part of the year in which I have to wear office attire. Nice shirts and skirts or pants. When I work at the summer school I can wear regular summer clothes, like shorts and t-shirts.


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I'm not allowed to wear jeans, and whatever I do wear has to be black. And my uniform is a huge baggy button up smock, and I saw one of my regular clients out on the town once and he was like "WOW you're so small! You look HUGE in that uniform!" Goody.


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We don't interact with the clients at all (I'm a proofreader), so we can wear whatever. The typical "uniform" for us is jeans and a t-shirt.

I love that part of my job.


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Business casual Monday - Thursday, casual on Friday. I mostly wear slacks and dress shirts.


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We are just required to dress in normal offic wear. Because no one abuses the lack of strict rules, it stays that way.

I wear black shoes, black socks and black trousers with shirts and either a cardigan or tank top - I have black and green ones.

Jewellery and make up aren't an issue - we just keep it not too OTT.