What do you wear to bed?


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Normally i sleep naked :shocked::shocked:(shocking) But with the cold weather i've been sleeping with my short PJs on.

Have you changed what you wear to bed with cold weather?
What do you normally sleep in?


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I love my spongebob pj's XD

The story is a little different if I am very tired or drunk and then I sleep in what I am wearing minus shoes and a sock lol


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I noramlly sleep in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.
I never sleep naked. In the cold weather i dont change what i wear, i maybe put on some socks, but usually i just use a hot water bottle.


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During the winter I'll wear some bottoms.

In the summer I'll wear shorts but I always sleep top-less.
PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. It only changes if its super cold (I never have my radiators on at night, I prefer it cold) but I mean if its freeezing then ill wear PJs, sock, wrap a blanket round me and theen get in to bed. Alternatively I'll wear my dressing gown in to bed. It sounds uncomfy but you have no idea how cold it can get in my room during winter :lol:

Edit in spolier due to off-topicness: did i really just say 'super cold'? damn americans influencing me!! Actually the other day i said to my mum 'yeh theres a whole bunch of leaves out the front' and she was like a whole bunch?! what are you american! :lol:
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well it used to be nekked until a water bug decided it wanted to scare the ever loving shit out of me one summer night to where I literally threw myself out of the bed so fast and slammed onto one of the dogs so now its underwear and a tshirt.