What do you "waste" money on?


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I buy way too many ps3 games which I hardly play. How about the rest of you?


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Magic cards, I've come full circle as a geek. Thankfully, I haven't fallen into WoW so I guess I'm doing alright.

I also love buying games for Wii and 360, especially older games for the Wii.


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I want to buy a new snowboard this year so I'm saving money now :)
Usually I waste it on books, movies or CDs.


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Perfume. I love it and I always have to spend some of my wages on it each month. A while ago I would have to buy 2 a month as I used so much of the stuff. I only need 1 a month now though. :)


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I was told I "waste" money on my phone bill. I think my phone use is worth it so I didn't consider it wasting.

I also spend a lot on DVDs. I collect them, watch them over and over but there are times I stumble upon useless movie purchases and that is really a waste of my money.