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What do you want?


Secret Agent
Staff member
What does everyone want to see here? Different colors? More forums? More features?

I am open to suggestions. :)



Registered Member
Some friendlier responses, or heck...any response at all...when people put up a 'Welcome' post would be nice.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I like everything the way it is. We just need a lot more people posting.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm fine with the current system, but we definatly need more posters.


Registered Member
I think that two things should happen simultaneously.

1) All the people from PDC should finally stop trying to pathetically hold on to the old board and move here.


2) The posting standards on this board should "liberalize" just a little, in other words, put up with a little before stepping in.

Think about it, between the two board moves, the most recent one being off ezboard, PDC has already lost a huge amount of people. And this recent bit between Samus and Echoes at this board was just ridiculous. If things weren't so tight here, that topic would have just stayed where it originally was and no one would have cared.
Also, loosen up the limitations on avatars, picture sizes, smilies per post (DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT IT'S A PATHETIC 4!!!??? REGARDLESS OF POST LENGTH!!!), and other such things. For some reason, I can't even get my old picture for the chat background up now. WTF??? And adding gifs would be nice. They're cute.


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Uhh, this isn't GameComplex.com?

Damn, offline for just under a month and again, it's a different board...


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Like said, isn't there already a suggestion board? Oh well, I guess I could suggest things...

One thing, a leader board for the contests would be nice, so you could know who's in the lead and who must be a lazy bum and what not.