What do you usually do after sex?


Sally Twit
I usually snuggle/kiss then take a shower. After that I like to cuddle until one of us falls asleep.

If you've not had sex, feel free to share what you do after you've "seen to yourself". :lol:
Smoke a cigarette, cuddle/kiss, talk, take a shower, sleep, eat a sandwhich, go again, and if for some reason I didn't perform well enough finish her off, ya know pretty much anything heh.

After sex cigarettes are almost as good as sex itself though I'll admit that.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Cuddle, sleep, fagbreak, shower, go back to work, drink, watch the telly, start again, kiss, hug... I think hug wins most of the time.


The Original Kiwi
Well, since it's usually at bedtime, I usually grab a snack then we watch TV till we fall asleep.


Everything goes.
Lay down and get over the sweating. Have sex again. For me and my partner it almost HAS to be at least twice in a row. The first is usually passionately 'over' too quickly for our needs.

After the second time, just sit up and talk about anything that comes to mind. [I'm trying to quit smoking]


rainbow 11!
I've never had sex yet... Soooo.... :whistling:

I usually just lay in bed and sleep if I don't have anything to do. On occasion I do it before school, so I'll have to get ready and such.