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What do you use as your homepage?


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As the title asks, what do you use as your homepage?

Any specific reason why you have chosen that page?

My homepage is the BBC News website. I decided to have it as my homepage because I like to keep up to date with the news and it's a very handy site to have near to hand. I used to have google, but I got fed up of it quickly.


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I have my own forum as my home page, the main reason is that the URL is long and annoyingl complicated so I can't be arsed to re-type it after deleting my browsing history.

I've had this particular home page for a while now.

At work I have google set as the default home page.


I use the internet alot to search for info or images so Google as my homepage is convenient.


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Google. Mostly because I use it for image searching a lot. However, what's annoying is, with my Dongle, when I connect to the internet for the first time, it automatically opens a webpage to 3, the network I'm on. It get's very irritating.


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I use a blank page. loads faster that way


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My homepage is AT&T Yahoo. The reason my homepage is AT&T yahoo is that I have an account with AT&T and they also have email so I use to check my AT&T email and also my regular yahoo email. With my AT&T account, I can log in and record my programs from the internet and watch it on my dvr when I get home. If anyone wants to know more about it, send me a message and I'll be happy to tell you about and give you a code if the AT&T uverse service is available in your area.


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Google is my home page. It's because I always use the site when I'm reading other sites (forums, news sites) so it's better to set it as home page. It loads fast too.


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we've already had this same exact thread...

oh well...

I have a different home page how, it used to be Google but now it's the Google Chrome default page, it shows 9 pictures, one from each of the 9 sites that I visit most.

There's no need for my homepage to be google.com anymore because the address bar in chrome is the google search bar. that's one thing that I really like.


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This is my homepage:

Hotmail, News, Sport, Music, Movies, Money, Cars, Shopping, Windows Live from MSN UK

It's just the msn one, sometimes they have good articles up so I just have a quick look when I first go on the internet.

Also I'm not up to date with the news at all, so at least I'll know what someone is talking about if it's the main headline on my homepage, even if I don't bother to read the details.

(I didn't actually pick that to be my HP, it's just been like that since as far back as I can remember and I'm too use to it now to bother with changing it)
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