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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Alright I am trying a new thing on these forums. It's called What do you think of. This is how it works, you mention a player and the person who replies has to tell me a few lines of what he thinks of the player, like what's good about his game and what's bad about his game. Don't just reply with saying a few words try to make it a few sentences long. Then when your done that you mention another player. I'll start it off.

    Vince Carter?

  2. Vince Carter is very athletic. He's one of the greatest dunkers of all time(if not the greatest). I will never forget his dunk on Alonzo, and his 360 degree dunk when he spun the wrong way way back in Toronto.

    Dwyane Wade
  3. patkick

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    One of the best slashing guards in the game. Although he attracts a lot fouls, some of them are just uncalled for. He seems to be stuck in two positions at the SG or PG position. He's most effective at the SG position as his turnovers are killing him when he plays PG.

    Ricky Davis
  4. Ahh...man, I wanted to keep this going....but, Ricky Davis? I like the T-Wolves, I love Garnett....but there's so much talent out there right now that Ricky Davis is just Ricky Davis.
    I guess I could cheat and look up his scouting report. But I'll just wait.....hurry up. Somebody do Ricky Davis and then PLEASE pick a more high-profile player on a playoff-bound team. Hell....even Luke Walton would've been funner than Ricky.

    I can't wait 'till someone does Dwight Howard or even Dunleavy. Sorry patkick, nothing personal, I just don't give attention to T-Wolves 'cause I want KG to leave Minnesota already.
    Oh and Patkick...your from Netherlands...you should've picked your 'boy' Francisco Elson. He's from the Netherlands and has been tearing it up!!

    Anyways.......hurry up somebody......Ricky Davis.
  5. Arrogant, but underrated. A highflyer that is like a carbon copy of Darius Miles.

    Dwight Howard :D
  6. Yayyyyy Melo! I owe you one. Carbon of Darius? You mean style of play...not looks right?

    Dwight: Great post-up game, can manuever in the paint with ease....dunks HARD. Good hands....always ready for the pass. Strong and getting stronger. Mature and not arrogant. (Personal opinion: An NBA Great in the making)

    Carmelo Anthony (I picked him because he lost so much weight, it's a new Melo.)
  7. Veloci-T

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    He's a great forward probably one of the greatest in the NBA today

    Kobe Bryant
  8. Legend. Used to be too cocky and arrogant...but overcame his immaturity. One of the few guards in the league who can make any style shot from anywhere on the floor.

    Steve Nash
  9. Excellent PG. He is a picture perfect point guard, who runs the transition offense very well.

    Devon Harris
  10. patkick

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    I know. I've watched two spurs games this season. Both of them were against the rockets and he's been scoring fairly easy against the rockets. I also like his tenacity and his athleticism.

    About Devin Harris:
    He's the quickest player on the Mavericks team. He's an inconsistent 3pt shooter but his midrange game is okay. Slashing ability is top notch as he's able to draw contact and finish up plays. At this stage of his career he's more of a combo-guard.

    Randy Foye

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