What do you think of your current Senators?


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Please name your State, current senators their party and what you think of them. Which one do you like more if you had to pick one? What rating would you give each Senator?

From PA we have Bob Casey a Democrat and Arlan Specter a Republican.

Bob Casey isn't great.... But I'm not complaining about him either. He's more of a traditional Democrat. He is pro-life, pro-gun and quasi against gay marriage. He swallows the cool aid on global warming and oil tho. That is one thing about him I can't stomach. His stance on illegal immigration also bugs me, as he was for the amnesty last year. Over all I'd give him about a 65% rating.

Arlan Specter is a Republican and doesn't tickle me pink. His only bonus for me at least is he is very pro-gun. He is the against assault weapon ban and various other gun control measures. The issue I have with Specter is he is considered a RINO. Most other issues like taxes, energy, illegal immigration, and abortion he stand with the Democrats. I would not vote for him in a re-election. Overall I'd give him about a 60%

Being as both Senators are pro-gun, Casey simply has a better conservative record then Spector does. So yes I'd pick the Democrat over the Republican in this case... shocker huh? :-o


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Michigan here, we've got Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.

Unfortunately since I am only 21 I've only really gotten into the political process recently, before I could vote I only followed Presidential elections, so I haven't fully kept up on what my senators and representatives have been doing. This year I've pretty much been playing catch-up.

As for Carl Levin I've got pretty conflicted feelings. On the one hand, he's fighting against off-shore tax havens and trying to increase the quality of schools. On the other hand, as the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, I'm pretty conflicted on that. While he was against the war in Iraq, he obviously wasn't able to convince the rest of the senate that it wasn't the right idea. I do agree with him however that the war in Iraq was a distraction from the "war on terror", in that while I believe that it was the right thing to take Saddam out of power as he was a genocidal tyrant, but realistically we should not have gone to war while we were already involved in Afghanistan. So while I agree with him, I believe that as the Chairman, he's kind of failed at his job.

He also supported the bill that banned oil drilling in the Great Lakes. Now as a liberal, this is shocking for me to say, I know, but that was the wrong move. Michigan has an 8% unemployment rate, the industries we have here are shaky at best. The drilling that was already happening before the ban was not damaging the environment, and we could really use the jobs and the money here. Unfortunately pretty much all of the Michigan representatives in Washington were for that bill.

I know considerably less about Debbie Stabenow, pretty hard to find information on the internet about her. She's pretty new in the senate, I guess, her second term having started in 2006, so that's probably the main reason that I can't find much information. Pretty much the only substantiative thing that I've found regarding her voting record was her support of the Great Lakes drilling ban, so that's one negative and no positives so far, I guess.

So all in all I'd say that I'm slightly displeased with my Senators, considering that they haven't really done a whole lot to improve the state's economic conditions (Carl Levin seems mostly worried about environmental concerns in regards to Michigan). If they do something to impress me in the next 4-6 years I'll reconsider my position.


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I'll trade you one of my doesn't-know-there's-a-Southern California senators for Arlen Specter. You have your choice of Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein.


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Lisa Murkowski(R) and new Senator Mark Begach(D).

We just got rid of Ted Stevens(R) which was a bitter-sweet loss. He was the posterboy for out of control Republicans and he spent money like a drunk sailor, but he has been a Senator since statehood and its tought to loose a guy that's such a part of the state.

As far as the other 2, they are both lifeling members of the NRA. Murkowski is pro-life, so I like her better. Begach did some stupid stuff as mayor such as photo radar and raising property taxes. I don't have a strong opinion about either one, although they both are very acessible and Murkowski has always responded to my emails. Neither one is a strong conservative such as Jim Demint (R-SC), but they're both decent.


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As a Californian, we have the interesting privilege of being served by two Jewish grandmothers- Barbara Boxer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dianne_Feinstein, both Democrats.

Barbara is far more of a progressive liberal, and chairs the Enviroment committee. She supports everything I want her to, though I do say for someone who chairs an important committee she hasn't gotten much done, despite the importance of global warming, water quality, and resource preservation. She gets a provisional B, and I'm eager to see what she does with the more supportive Obama administration.

Feinstein has always been a moderate bridge-builder. So the tradeoff is that she's more effective, but generally is willing to compromise in ways I think are ill-advised or otherwise unacceptable. I do however admire her intelligence and tact. She gets a B as well.