What do you think of Traveling Alone?


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For leisure trips, do you like to travel alone or do you prefer to be with company?

I prefer to travel alone. If I have to be with someone else, then one companion is enough. I feel that the fewer people involved, the more freedom I have to enjoy.

- I have my own schedule. I can follow it or break it, as I want. No need to fit my schedule with someone else's availability. I won't be rushed or slowed by others.
- (This, I got from a friend.) No need to bicker over the best way to get somewhere or where to eat. You're always right, it's your call.
- You'll have a lot of alone time to get to know yourself better and challenge yourself.
- You only have to think and worry about yourself and your satisfaction with the trip.


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If I am going on vacation or doing some traveling I don't like to be by myself. However, if I am meeting someone at a far destination to spend time with then I enjoy traveling alone.

I will take good company 9/10 times though.


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I love travelling with my boyfriend. I think it's nice to look back at things together and remember what we saw, experienced, etc. Instead of just telling a one sided story of what you did, you are both there to remember the bits that the other might have forgotten, etc. I love it.


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Well it honestly depends on what the traveling is for. I don't mind traveling with a companion to an extend that I have to make small talk with the person but if it is a good friend I don't have to say jack which is how I like my car rides, plane rides, etc. I do like the flexibility of knowing I don't have to wait on someone or make sure they are in tow so you've got it all covered.


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My aunt took a group travel package to France. I think it's one of the worst you can do (unless you're a lazy traveler). You spend a lot of time in the bus, and would only stop at indicated places, probably for some pictures, then you hop back and spend time waiting for the other group members to come back. I took her out of the schedule and walked around Paris instead. She saw more and enjoyed more in our 3 hour walk than the several days she's been traveling on this bus group.


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It depends on what kind of trip it is, but usually I don't like travelling alone. I don't mind getting to a destination by myself, but actually being there and taking a vacation on my own... No, I wouldn't like it. For me, it's about sharing something. When you travel you experience so much, and it's not the same if you don't have anyone to share it with. It's not the same just telling the story when you get home, because even if they say they are, they're really not that interested in hearing about all of your holiday stories.


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What do you mean by 'for leisure?' Do you mean on holiday [vacation]?
If it's to go somewhere, and travel from A - B to be with friends or family, and all you do in between is travel, then that's fine I guess, but depending on your age and sex, you might be safer to have someone with you in case you are attacked or someone does anything to you, and you are left without any identity or suchlike, and no one can find-out who you are or where you belong.
I know what you mean about people cramping your style. It can feel better to be alone. If you really have to be alone, then I guess you should just do all that you can to be safe and make people aware of where you've been, where you are, and where you expect to be next, and when.


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What do you mean by 'for leisure?' Do you mean on holiday [vacation]?
Yes, because some people do travel for business or other engagements and the travel purpose is much different and perhaps things like "having my own schedule" wouldn't really apply whether you travelled alone or not (the business engagement per se limits your schedule).


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Ive trevelled a lot and nearly always alone, most was for business, I still had a lot of leisure time though in between jobs and have had quite a few solo breaks as well.

My first thought to the question was "do it alone", I love the freedom of independence. Everything can be at your own pace and schedule. If you want to stop and wonder(or wander) for 5 minutes you can, no questions asked. You get to see the intricate details of a place and not be distracted by the company. You can do the things you want without suggesting them first.

The downside of travelling alone is that you have moments and situations where they would be 1000x better if you could share them with someone, believe me when I say loneliness can tear a whole in your heart and take the magic right out the air. I've been fortunate in that I have been to and I have seen some spectacular places, one of my goals in life is to repeat some of them.....but this time share them with somebody. I want to whisper OMG:-o and for someone else to hear it.