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What do you think of Smilin'?


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@ Imp: Glad to get your juices flowing! (insert pic of Homer choking Bart). But don't let me ride Jeanie's coat tails. She just invited me to keep me from crushing her liberal drivel on her FB page :lol: (j/k Jeanie, don't threaten to ruin your dainty little hand by breaking it upon my FACE)

But anyway, next time you have a good argument, bring it! I'll try to be gentle with you ;)


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These threads in ST are making me nuts, but I decided not to pass up yours. There is a soft part in my cyber heart for you. It's because you are the one that reminded me to turn Rep on. A few kind PMs come to mind too. So thanks SS. You've made GF even better for me.


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@ Bliss: Hahaha, look ^ Jeanie thinks I'm a jackass! :lol: I hope to keep you amused, but my main reason for GF is an outlet for my political stylins ;)

@ Kibi: YouTube - Whodini - I'm A Ho
@ viLky: thanks for getting the party started, this is a lot better than the downer ST of a couple weeks ago!

@ dDave: Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that there are a few here that I don't rub the wrong way. ;)
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