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What do you think of Smilin'?


Registered Member
Feel free to add your praise or derision :lol:

So here is what they said:

Dude, you ride both sides of my spectrum. You annoy the fuck outta me in MD haha. I'll spend forever typing up a paragraph and you'll rebutt, but you don't rebutt it as a whole, you'll just take one of my sentences and pretend that it's my argument haha. You gotta read my stuff as a whole man lol. Outside of MD though, you're a pretty decent guy to chat with. You've got a pretty lax sense of humour, you'll laugh at most anything. I also love that you got so into Boat when most other people just hated on it.

I don't post in MD very much, but when I do you're always very polite to my responces even though I don't know much about American politics. I do respect that a lot. One thing that does bother me about you, and don't take this the wrong way, maybe it's because I'm Canadian..but it seems like you live by the Constitution a bit to much. If someone goes against it then it's the end of the World. Other than that, I think you're a pretty cool dude, and I enjoy reading your post, even though some of them make me scratch my head.

SS - It's obvious that politically, we don't see eye to eye very often. We have before, but it's not often. What keeps me from wanting anything more than an acquaintance with you is your flame-baiting attitude and self-stated love for divisive rhetoric. It's difficult when someone wants a legitimate and serious conversation to have to deal with some of the posts you make that are nothing more than hateful flamebaits and wide sweeping generalizations. You're clearly having fun but sometimes, you should probably try engaging in a serious conversation with a bit more foresight and try to start dropping these preconceived notions you have as well as the unbelievably bias stereotypes you possess.

You seem like you have a wealth of experience to draw from, but your demeanor keeps people away from you and from debating with you.

Well, there was this one time I confused you with Pro2a, but that lasted about 30 seconds... **


It helps that you have a unique username and a unique avatar, and they match.

Let's just ignore that fact that you post in MD right? Every time I read you in there I want to strangle you, but that's part of the reason I stay the fuck out of there. Moving on. Jeanie recruited you, which means that you have be slightly awesome, and you are (out of MD ). We haven't really had many discussions, you probably fall in that small group of regular members that I need to get to know better.

I don't know you very well but there must be something to like about you seeing as Jeanie recruited you.
You spend most of your time in MD and I spend most of my time in ST and GD. So it's not often that we cross paths.

From what I've seen I can tell you like to give your opinion, you're very smart and you will never back out of a debate.

I'd like to see more of you in ST as I know I've repped you in there a few times.

Haha whore!

Seriously though, you're a fab poster! You get rather ferocious in MD but I don't mind - I only go in there to ponder anyway! *

You always come across as very mature and caring whilst having a lovely playful side (marylou thread) I like talking to you and I hope we get to chat more!

Woo woo woo, you know it, Smilin.

Basically, all I know about you, Smilin, is that you are very active in MD. You have a right leaning view and can be very aggressive with your opinions and points. I'm not faulting you for that, I think it's great. Besides that, I don't know much else. I don't know if you like video games, I don't know what sort of music you are into and practically everything else. Would be nice to see you post in some of those topics since it's nice to learn what members like. Of course, this is just me returning after a few days. I'll need a week or so to absorb all the new members and data from all the topics. :eek:)

You're another guy that I really enjoy interacting with here at GF. Your political views are sound and you're always sure to bring all possible logic into the equation. You're a really nice person and you respect others even in heated debate about very divisive topics.


I don't get to read many of your posts, because I don't visit MD much lately but I think you become very interesting when posting in ST.
Your sense of humor is classy and you make me giggle everytime you post in here.

Out of curiousity, I might take some time to read your posts in MD to understand if there's a strong reason to dislike you in there.
.Thread closed.
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Embrace the Suck
I think you're a douchebag and I want a refund on the VIP I bought you.

Just kidding buddy. I'm glad you've stuck around, you add a lot to MD. I enjoy reading your perspective.


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SS, you asked for it, remember this :shifteyes:

Okay, when I first came to GF it was really only you and RJ Cool who I felt wanted anything to do with me. I seemed to make enemies of anyone I had any kind of discussion with, partly because I misused, misread or just became impatient to understand English.

I almost left GF early on when I joined because of this. But someone, you, bought for me a VIP, extended your hand in friendship to me, encouraged me and asked nothing in return from me, ever. It made me think maybe it is worth it, maybe by having only made this 1 impression on someone that they would go out of their way to do these things for me, maybe I had more to do and learn here. You are the single reason I am still here at all.

All that said, I often disagree with you in MD, but then again many would agree I disagree with them just as much. You have unique views, but this is something I find great about you. You seem to find the "unusual" in the usual.

I think if I knew you IRL, we would spend much of the time disagreeing, yet somehow I think we would get along great and share many laughs.


Embrace the Suck
Um, Ilus, I bought you VIP. Unless SS did also.


Registered Member
Um, Ilus, I bought you VIP. Unless SS did also.

Yes, he was "my first" so to speak lol But trust me I have not forgotten your generosities, and soon, when your VIP is due again, I am buying. :)


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@ Everyone: I'm glad that you have strong feelings about me. In MD I consciously work at selecting words and phrases designed to elicit an emotional, gutteral response (whether you choose to reply or not). I seek to provoke you to think about the issue at hand, to attack my assertions, and prepare to defend your own. Or you could just accept the fact that I am right and get your head on straight :lol:

@ Smel: Hahaha! Glad to read your thoughts, positive and otherwise. If you think I short-sheeted you in MD then make it an issue! I'll be happy to reply! Also I like to ride in your boat! :lol:
@ Bizz: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The US constitution is the foundation upon which the rule of law is built. Violation of the rule of law changes us from the rule of law to the rule of man. Rule of man always results in tyranny. I value individual liberty and freedom, the ideals enshrined in our constitution. While this may not change how you feel about me, maybe it will help you better understand my perspective.
@ Merc: I already replied in your thread, but I honestly hope that I am providing you with some insight about me so that we better understand each other, even if we mostly disagree.

@ Wade: I lol'd at PC's joke about how we disagree, as we more often than not agree!
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