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What do you think of skateboaring and skateboarders?


New Member
skateboarding sucks. i hate anyone who skateboards. they're all jerks.


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skateboarding sucks. i hate anyone who skateboards. they're all jerks.
Dude, are you for real? Your very first post here is this piece of garbage? Blanket statements about entire groups of people don't fly here.

Perhaps you can enlighten us about your oh-so brilliant statement "skateboarding sucks"--and please try to do so without resorting to the kind of incendiary, shallow judgements you just leveled against a whole slew of folks (some of whom are posting in this very thread).



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As a lot of folks here know, one of my all-time favorite documentaries is "Dogtown and Z-Boys"--not the rather lackluster film that was based on the doc, but the actual doc itself. Good stuff.
Absolutely amazing doco, probably one of the favourites i've seen.

Anyway, I have a great deal of respect for skaters. It's always something i've admired, the skill it takes to do some of the tricks they manage to pull is insane. Not to mention some of the falls they take appeal to my more sadistic side. My old town had an amazing skate park down on the bay, and I would spend hours down there as a teenager watching everyone skate, never actually did any myself. Plus, I always love watching covering of pro-skating competitions. I can understand why people can get pissed off when they skate on footpaths, or not designated areas, but if they show the same courtesy bikers are supposed to then it shouldn't really be an issue. The whole 'scene' that is associated with some of them...well, I don't really have much time for that, but you can't deny their skills as skaters.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I haven't done any of it. I tried snowboarding this year and I thought if I can manage to keep balance on snow maybe I could do skateboarding (except if I fall, it'll just be more painful for the butt because it's not snow).