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What do you think of skateboaring and skateboarders?


Why do you always have to relate it to respect? Just because I don't like that sport doesn't mean I don't have respect for it. It's just that I'm not interested in it. What's this got to do with respect in the first place?

It's like saying "I don't like this singer therefore I don't respect her". It doesn't make sense.


New Member
i wasn't saying that, in fact it was the complete opposite.

I will put this to you and for anyone who reads this.

What do you think of the culture of skateboarding, even if your not interested in skateboarding.


Creeping On You
I guess it's like any other sport. Some people will like it, some people won't. The people who don't like it, don't disrespect it, they just aren't interested.


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As long as they don't do their skaterolling business anywhere I'm trying to drive through, I can tolerate them. Nah, I don't have anything against skaters. I just remember back in high-school all of them had the straight-edge "x" on their hands (just to make super-sure nobody serves them an alcoholic beverage at a show, y'know), would debate me on the merits and demerits of anarchy, and were always trying to get a skate park built. They did finally manage it, I guess, so kudos to them on that. Well, the skate park, at least: seems they still have a way to go on the whole anarchy thing.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I used to do a bit of skateboarding when I was younger, never good at it so I didn't care much for it. I do respect the ones that are really good at it, and I wish I had there abilities.

I wouldn't be against having it in the Olympics, but it doesn't bother me that it's not an event. I think the pro's are satisfied enough with there competitions like the X-Games and such.


aka ginger warlock
I used to do a bit of boarding when I was younger but I was never very good at it though I do sometimes stick Tony Hawks 8 on my xbox. I like to watch youtube videos of riders and also like watching people perform on the street as it does add an element of skill though I do appreciate why people do think its a bad idea.


Registered Member
I love skateboarding, I think its good fun. Having said that, I'm only a casual skater, I have no interests in the associated culture which often seems to promote a lot of negative activity. My mates and I just tend to have a little skate around the neighbourhood every so oft. I've never been to a skate park, and I never go around town or anything with my board.


Registered Member
It looks fun, but I've never done it. My boys have when they were younger. Some of the arenas they have where the skateboarder does all these amazing stunts, they look interesting.


Skateboarding takes skill and while some are very skilled at it I am not and the skateboarders need a place to skate.

I have watched skateboarding on TV and they are amazing and I wish them all the best of luck and no serious injury as well.


Registered Member
I skateboarded when I was in highschool, and a little bit after graduation as well. I was never really good, but I found it fun. I still like playing the skateboarding video games haha. I think it's really impressive some of the things they can do.

The only negative thing about skateboarders is some of the skateboarding culture. There are some skaters out there that think it's all about being a rebel and vandalism and crime and what not. It's not. It's about athleticism, mastering your balance and what not. I prefer skaters like rodney mullen or tony hawk. Skill versus looking cool.
Mad props for bringing Rodney Mullen into the conversation, Smelnick! Dude is just mind-boggling, and he's such a sweet, nice fella to boot.

In that documentary from Steve Rocco, "The Man Who Souled the World", you get to see everything that's good and bad about skate culture, and Mullen's spots in that doc just rattle my brain.

As a lot of folks here know, one of my all-time favorite documentaries is "Dogtown and Z-Boys"--not the rather lackluster film that was based on the doc, but the actual doc itself. Good stuff.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a neighborhood with a few amazing skaters, and they built a half-pipe in their backyard that probably still has shreds of my skin hanging from it. I haven't been on a board in 20 years, and I miss it. One of my favorite skate memories is a trip to a skatepark in Ohio when I was in my late teens. My girlfriend's brother was a beast on a board, and he resembled Tony Hawk--at some point, folks at the park starting talking about how Tony Hawk was there, and me and my friends were scouring the park for him, and it turned out that people thought my gf's bro was Hawk--he got asked for autographs. It was pretty awesome.