What do you think of my sports knowledge?


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I was wondering what you think of my sports knowledge, and I just want replies to people who actually read threads in those sports sections, if you don't post there or read threads, then I don't actually want your opinion no offense.


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Well Michael, you seem to be better at playing than academic examination. Well, you had the smarts to come back to basketball in Space Jam, so I'll give you that.
I've only checked the other sports sections and basketball sections. You know a lot of the raptors and you do know who the good players in the NBA are. And you know the weaknesses and strengths of those stars as well. I haven't seen any biased posts so that's a good thing.


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not that you don't know anything about other sports. It's just that I don't post in those sections. so I don't know


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MJ your the wiz man. Most people you see know a lot around one or two sports and just show an interest in others but you seemingly know the talk around every sport and you know what your talking about. You really start some interesting topics and make for a great person to discuss sports with.


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You suck, kill yourself.

I don't really know, I don't go there. Sports section is like Ravenholm to me, and we don't go to Ravenholm.