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What do you think DBZ would be like if....


Ms. Malone
What do you think Z would be like if there were some female Saiyans? And i don't mean half or quarter breed like like Bulla and Pan, but some full blooded ones. Would they be as ruthless as the males? Would they be able to transform?

If anyone has seen the Bardock film the lass (i forget her name) was obviously strong and the males seemed to treat the females as equals.

So if there were a few females were in the Z series i think they'd put up quite a fight, and they'd be really stubborn because they'd think they have to be as strong or stronger than the males.

What does everyone else think?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah that girl from Bardock's clan was suppose to be the only super saiyan female, I think if there where more Super Saiyan females, then it would be more interesting in a way but they still wouldnt be as stong as the other male Super Saiyans.


The reason why there aren't so many female fighters in DBZ, is because the show was oriented towards young males. And... typically in Japan women cannot fight. The exception are in a few manga and anime like the Major in Ghost in a Shell.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I dont know how the female was Super Saiyan but I am sure she was close to reaching it I am not sure if she was or not but she is the closest to achieving it.
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