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What do you think about this?


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mom_of_sixoxo said:
Mr. S -i don't think they're the same rules for sending via "ask seller a question" as they are for using the "contact a member" -or are they?

hmmm... congical = comical + conjugal??? sorry...sorry...LOL
Whether you are "asking seller a question" or "contacting a member" it should have something to do with what they are buying or selling if it does not then it may be a violation of eBay's policy. They don't really say what is or is not good or bad email but they do give some guidelines. Unwanted email - Overview


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What I think woudl be neat is if there was a way you could edit part of a question and than post it. I dont mean being able to add anything but taking away. I am new to ebay so I dont know what I would do.