What do you think about my fantasy league football Roster

Discussion in 'NFL' started by dunit_101, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. dunit_101

    dunit_101 Guest

    This is just my offensive roster.......

    QB - Tom Brady
    QB - Donovan McNabb
    WR - TO
    WR - Marvin Harrison
    WR - Chad Johnson
    WR - Steve Smith
    WR - Chris Chambers
    WR - Randy Moss
    RB - Larry Johnson
    RB - W. Parker
    RB - Cadillac Williams
    TE - A.Gates

    K - Adam Vinatieri

  2. Forbidden

    Forbidden Guest

    You must have had a high pick to get Larry Johnson, overall that's really good, but how many people are in your league? Cause that could mean a lot because you could get better people in a 5 man league than in a 12 man league.
  3. R.Lewis_52

    R.Lewis_52 Guest

    Thats a great offensive roster it's very similar to mine. But i would have added westbrook he's going to be a big part of the eagles offense.
  4. Forbidden

    Forbidden Guest

    My Roster: (8 person league)

    QB- Tom Brady
    RB - Larry Johnson
    RB/WR - Jamal Lewis (RISK)
    WR - Terrell Owens (KIND OF RISK)
    WR - Plaxico Burress
    TE - Antonio Gates
    D/ST - Seahawks
    K - David Akers

    RB Willie Parker
    WR Darrell Jackon
    QB Daunte Culpepper
    D/ST Bengals
    WR David Givens
    RB Deuce McCalister
    TE LJ Smith
    K Martin Gramatica
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Wow guys you must not have a lot of people in your league to get all those stars, also you said that Jamal and T.O are kind of a risk, I personally don't think so, if they stay injury free,I think both will have awesome seasons, especially Terrell Owens.
  6. Forbidden

    Forbidden Guest

    I hope Jamal Lewis isn't a risk, see I had him last year when he had a poor season, so I'm hoping he can be back an track for this season.
  7. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    lol there cant be more than 4 people in this league, its no fun when everyone has pro bowlers
  8. Forbidden

    Forbidden Guest

    Are you talking about mine? Because I could give you the breakdown of my picks.
  9. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    no i ment the thread starters team
  10. Forbidden

    Forbidden Guest

    Yeah, Larry Johnson, Terrell Owens, Mavin Harrison are all like 1st round and early second round guys in normal leagues, and then Antonio Gates, Moss, and C. Johnson are all up there too.

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